A Few Pleasant Facts About Sex You Must Know


Some people even do not realize all potential that sex brings to their life. It is not only an act of physical interaction. Sex goes far beyond the frames that society had been trying to put on it for long years. Now people feel free to discuss this topic openly without worrying about being judged. Scientists and psychologists hold different experiments, conduct surveys to find out more about sex and its impact on person’s life and general well-being. Do you think that you know everything about it? Right now you have a chance to discover a few pleasant facts about sex.

5 Top Things You Should Know About Sex

All sex types help you live longer, relieve stress, boost immunity, and even look 5 – 7 years younger. Does it sound impressive? But there are a lot of other things that you probably have not heard about.

1.  Sex is a natural pain reliever

An investigation distributed in the journal Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine asserts orgasm halves pain sensitivity through the release of endorphins. Entering the bloodstream, they begin to act almost immediately, within a few minutes. It is much faster than most over-the-counter pain medications. So the next time your partner refuses to have sex because of a headache, tell him/her about this fact.

2.  It helps cope with stress

Have you ever been unable to fall asleep worrying about a big project or meeting tomorrow? Instead of grinding these thoughts in your head, have some relaxing intercourse. According to a study published in Biological Psychology, after sex, people are more resilient to stressful situations. This is not surprising: good sex is a pleasant pastime, so it naturally reduces stress levels. More interesting, even simple touches have an anti-stress effect. In another experiment, which was described in Behavioral Medicine, couples were observed simply holding hands for 10 minutes or hugging for 20 seconds. After touching and hugging, people showed healthier responses to subsequent stress, such as public speaking, than those who were stressed without prior hugging. Hugging can also help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. So, if your partner doesn’t want sex, settle for a tight hug.

3.  Sex is useful for your heart

Individuals who have intercourse at any rate twice per week decrease their danger of coronary illness to a great extent. It is stated in the consequences of an examination distributed in 2010 by researchers from Massachusetts, which was conducted by more than 1,000 men. Exploration has indicated that sex has an extremely solid defensive impact. Researchers have even suggested that physicians consider a man’s sexual activity while surveying the danger of cardiovascular sickness. They accept that the advantages of sex are related to twofold constructive outcomes: both physical and emotional.

4.  It has a positive effect on the brain

Yes, this has only been tested in rats, but this scientific study claims that sex can improve brain function. A 2010 study found that regularly mating rats have higher levels of cell proliferation in the hippocampus, which is the brain region responsible for memory. These rats also showed faster growth of brain cells and the number of connections between them.

5.  Sex makes you look younger

In 2013, Dr. David Weeks, head of formative brain science at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, told the British Psychological Society that sex has a few advantages that help people look from five to seven years younger. To some degree, this is because of its perplexing medical advantages (and wholesome individuals look more youthful). Also, chemicals that are created during intimate intercourse make the skin more flexible.  An investigation by scientists at the Queen’s University of Edinburgh found out that couples who have intercourse, in any event, four times each week look as much as 10 years more youthful than their less active friends. During sex, chemicals, for example, adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine are delivered, which help save skin cells and loosen up muscles. As a result, the presence of wrinkles is decreased. The mixture of youth is nearer than you could envision!

Is Sex Really Significant?

More and more researches are performed to find out whether sex is really important, and the common result is that it is. You can’t deny the positive effect of good, regular sex on both women and men. People who have a diverse sexual life are more confident, successful, cheerful, and most important – healthier.

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