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amazon sex position

No one knows exactly what the Amazons looked like. Were these warriors of antiquity legendary or mythical people? Was the victory of matriarchy in a single territory or just an invention of ancient historians? But they entered our culture as strong women. And it was this image that inspired those who came up with the sex position of the same name, in which it is the woman who plays the main, dominant role. In sex, it is generally difficult to achieve equality, but it is in this position that the girl will be on top (in every sense). She doesn’t even have to be a mythical warrior to try this pose.

Statistics say about the top 3 popular sex poses of people from the United Kingdom and the United States:

Doggy style 35%
Cowgirl 19.4%

🙊 Amazon Position Sex: Detailed Explanation

What is Amazon sex position? Sex in this position is a kind of missionary position, its main difference is that the woman is on top during the whole process. At the same time, the element of the rider’s pose is preserved. Thus, the Amazon position includes two of the most common and favorite positions in sex, combined into something more unusual, but no less pleasant.

How to do the Amazon sex position? The man should be below and lie on his back while raising his legs so that his games seem to lie on an invisible chair. The woman kneels in front of the lying man, trying to place the body between his raised ankles while avoiding too sudden movements, otherwise, unpleasant sensations cannot be avoided. With her knees, the girl should clasp her partner’s hips, slightly pressing on them, but not pinching. Further, the girl’s legs fall as low as possible without losing balance. For additional fixation, the partner can lower her hands on the man’s knees. If stability in this position is not enough, you can fully lean your hands on the bed, but this way the position may not be fully reproduced.

The convenience of the Amazon position in sex lies in the fact that it is the girl from above who controls the entire process and can be fully responsible for her position and the position of her partner to accurately distribute the weight and not get any damage. The position of the man in this case does not change and has little effect on the position, but he can also make his adjustments to Amazon sex position.

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Sex position Amazon: basic principles

What is the Amazon sex position? This pose is a combination of the cowgirl pose and the missionary pose. A man, lying on his back, raises his legs bent at the knees, and, if possible, presses them to his chest. The woman, placing her feet on the sides of the man, slowly and carefully descends on top of him. Your hands should be placed on your partner’s knees, holding onto and catching balance with your knees.

If such experiments are new to you, then keep in mind that the main thing is to start Amazon position for sex without haste and unnecessary tension. Making overly aggressive attacks on a man is not a good idea. Even if you want to enter the image of a real Amazon. After all, this can easily end in a sprain or injury for your partner.

With such bodily layouts, it is quite easy to lose stability and collapse, causing a lot of pain to a man. This can discourage him for a long time from exciting experiments. And this is not in your joint interests. Yes, and seeking medical help after such a fall can be a very unpleasant and extremely awkward moment.

The Amazon position sex will insistently demand from both partners – dexterity, and flexibility. But she will demand much more from a woman. Without strong and trained legs, nothing can happen. Indeed, in essence, she will have to perform many squats, even incomplete ones. In general, this is a rather exhausting task. Although, there will be an extra reason to take care of your physical form. It’s worth it.

Top Benefits of the Amazon Sex Position

First of all, this pose is not one of those that are used most often, it is non-trivial and interesting in itself. Its non-standard will easily destroy the usual and ordinary course of your personal life. And, most importantly, the Amazon pose is a fresh breath in the world of pleasure.

In addition, the posture will not only impose additional requirements on your physical condition but will also challenge you psychologically. Of course, with due patience and willingness to experiment. Not all men will be ready for such a radical role reversal, leaving their usual comfort zone and gender stereotypes. That is why the task will be interesting, to experience new, not only physical but also psychological sensations.

Sex position the Amazon will completely shift the focus of male dominance, because the management of the entire process will be, by no means in his jurisdiction. It, in general, does not cancel for him the receipt of unearthly bliss. I have listed the main benefits of using this position in sex.

kneeling Amazon sex position

❤️ Improves partner’s intimacy

A couple that was able to find contact between themselves, was not afraid to try something new, and was not afraid of such an obstacle as involuntary awkwardness and embarrassment, will become a little closer after such sex. Trust is what sex in new unusual positions is based on, which is why it is important to have sex not only for pleasure but also to maintain intimacy with your partner.

❤️ Adds variety in sex

Experiments in sexual life will help renew the former passion and imbue it with new vivid impressions received from the process. Often couples cannot find something that could bring back their old feelings, which is why it is so important not to be afraid and take new steps in comprehending the art of sex and true pleasure.

❤️ Possible usage of toys and extra stimulation

Amazon woman sex position allows you to use a lot of toys, as both partners are open and available to each other, without limiting their actions. The Amazon pose is a great option when you want to try everything at once, without resorting to something supernatural.

❤️ Yoga practice and plasticity improvement

If a man is not used to showing his flexibility during sex, then this position will be an excellent reason for him to “stretch” his muscles. Different variations of this pose exert tension on different parts of the muscles, so sex in the Amazon pose will become an analog of sex yoga and a good workout to warm up the muscles. By practicing sex in the Amazon position further, the partners will noticeably increase the elasticity of the muscles, which will have an excellent effect on the practice of other, more complex poses.

Sex in the Amazon position is perfect for those who have long been looking for a way to experience radically new sensations if before that their sex life left much to be desired. The Amazon pose will be pleasant for both a woman and a man, and the first one can show its dominance and be more responsible for the sexual process than a guy. It is important to try as much variety as possible in sex – this is the key to harmony and happiness in bed.

👩‍❤️‍👨 How to Do Amazon Style Sex Position?

What is the main thing in this pose? First of all, the angle of penetration, must be acceptable to you personally, so that the necessary points and zones are activated. The position is good because it makes it much easier to stimulate those places that are simply inaccessible in the classic versions. And no powerful swings, everything is done with smooth and light movements.

If there are difficulties with balance and it is impossible to maintain balance, then the girl can lean forward slightly and rest her hands on the headboard. In this case, the partner needs to lie more evenly and maneuver with the width of his outstretched legs. Yes, it may not work out right away, but, as they say, if there is a desire, the rest will come. There are many variations of this pose that we are ready to show you right now.

Amazon sex position diagram

1️⃣ Giving Amazon

In one of the options for the main position, the principle is the same, with the only difference, the woman does not squat, but falls on her own knees. Which gives a huge relief to her legs and the possibility of longer contact.

The only negative point that can interfere with the execution of this option is the insufficient size of the male “tool”. Simply put, there is not enough length to reach the required zones.

2️⃣ Reverse Amazon sex position

If it’s not very convenient for a girl and men’s legs get in the way during the process, then nothing prevents you from trying the reverse Amazon pose. To do this, turn around in the opposite direction, with your back to the man, and lean your hands on his legs. Sounds much easier than doing it in real life.

This variation of the Amazon Pose requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. Although with balance for a woman here, it should be easier, because she leans on the hips of a man. But he will have a hard time, because of his flimsy constitution. Evaluate yourself soberly and try endurance and perseverance, and everything will work out, and it’s also not superfluous to laugh.

3️⃣ Standing Amazon

How to do Amazon sex position? This is another version of the Amazon pose that is also original and interesting. The partner is located in the same position but on the edge of the bed. The woman approaches him face forward, close to him, takes him by the legs, and lowers her pelvis to the desired level. Very unusual, psychologically first of all. Despite the apparent ease, the position is rather difficult to perform.

Here you can also try the reverse Amazon, that is, the woman stands with her back to the man and sits down as it is convenient for her. Implementation is also not easy.

4️⃣ Amazon Frog Pose

One variation of the Amazon Pose that will require even more flexibility from both partners:

It is a kind of hybrid between the two positions. Unlike the usual Amazon, here the girl presses her legs on top of the man’s legs while tilting her body forward and resting her hands on his chest. The role of the lady becomes even more active and assertive in the literal sense.

5️⃣ Amazon doggie

Not everyone will be able to embody the doggy-Amazon pose, but those who decide on a bold experiment will most likely not regret it.

The position is a bizarre combination of these two popular positions. A man lying on his back pulls his hands to his legs. The lady sits on him in the doggy position. The girl chooses rhythm, tempo, and angle. If the anatomy of the partners allows this action to be realized, then great sensations are guaranteed for both.

 Amazon warrior sex position

Sex Amazon position: How to make it better?

✅ Due to the rather laborious process, you should not start sex from this position. Preliminary games, raising the degree of passion and mood to the desired level are simply required. Otherwise, in reaching the climax, you are guaranteed a fiasco and disappointment.

✅ For some couples, this position may seem difficult. And if at the same time, it is performed on an overly soft surface, then everything will be sad with the balance, and falling and injuries are not included in our plans. Therefore, the surface should be moderately hard. On too soft, respectively, nothing will work either.


Intimate life should not be limited to three popular positions – missionary, horsewoman, and doggy style. It will get boring at best in a month, after which sex will simply become boring! The Amazon Pose is definitely worth a try. In this position, a woman can become a real mistress and arrange total domination for a man! The Amazon Pose opens up a ton of possibilities, from eye contact to additional stimulation with sex toys.

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