What Turns Men On? A Guide on the Way of Discovering Your Sexuality

According to stereotypes, women perceive male sexuality in a complex way, while men focus more on individual points – chest, buttocks, and waist. And they say that men are greedy for the notorious 90/60/90. But this is debatable. In a girl, in addition to the image as a whole, nuances are especially attractive. Dimples, curves, […]

Amazon Sex Position: Choose the Best Style for Yourself

No one knows exactly what the Amazons looked like. Were these warriors of antiquity legendary or mythical people? Was the victory of matriarchy in a single territory or just an invention of ancient historians? But they entered our culture as strong women. And it was this image that inspired those who came up with the […]

Pillow Humping and 5 Secrets to Bring Yourself Pleasure

Do you know everything about how to please yourself on your own? Typical methods of masturbation – manual stimulation or with the help of a sex toy – are far from the most common. There are many methods for home solo sex that women and men invent on their own. We will tell you about […]

My Wife Yells at Me: 7 Effective Tips to Make Her Stop

What if my wife yells at me? A rude woman, who usually yells at her husband always has a rational explanation for this. She most often says: “Well, yes, I got emotional, maybe it was inadequate, then you are to blame.” Is this true, and is it your fault? According to the “Britannica” dictionary, yelling […]

How to Be a Good Kisser: Perfect Your Skills

Kissing is what we all adore and love to share with special people only. In today’s society, everyone wants to learn how to be a really good kisser. There are many different names that have been given to kissing over the years. Some like to say “frenching”, others call it “locking lips”. People often refer […]

Self Sabotaging Relationships: How to Heal Them

Do you know one of the most powerful self-sabotaging relationships quotes? “You can’t have a healthy relationship if you’re constantly sabotaging it with your own insecurities.” – said Steve Maraboli, author of motivating books. What does self-sabotaging relationships mean? It is similar to a weird cycle where things are going well, but then… We suddenly […]

Submissive Wife: 10 Indicators and Traits Explained

While choosing to be temporarily submissive can be a personal decision, being labeled as a submissive wife suggests a constant desire to follow your partner’s needs. This can be indicative of underlying issues such as low self-worth, insecurity, or other problems within love affairs. So, what lies behind the concept of a submissive wife? I […]

What is Lithromantic? Is It Considered Normal or a Disease?

Sexual orientation is studied by many scientists and psychologists. We are used to thinking that there are three basic directions – heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. But in fact, there are many more types of sexual orientation. The term “litromanticism” can also be considered one of the kinds of aromanticism – areas of romantic orientation. Who […]

Am I Bisexual Quiz—Find Out Whether You Are Bisexual

Am I bisexual quiz is aimed to help you identify your sexual self in an easy and effective way. You just need to answer the series of questions of the bisexual test quiz to find out whether you prefer to create romance with people of the same gender as well. According to the survey by […]

Foreplay: Facts, Expert Tips, and Extraordinary Sex Ideas

Foreplay is known as a diverse array of intimate actions and behaviors intended to evoke sexual desire, pleasing sensations, mutual appeal, and passion between partners. Its fundamental purpose is to boost sexual desire and establish a setting for a mutually exciting sexual encounter. While people often associate it with physical pleasure, foreplay can also extend […]

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