Audio Porn Sites—Kickstart Your Sizzling Journey With Top Audio Porn Sites

If you want to explore the entire potential of your intimate life, it is just the time to incorporate audio porn sites into your sex routine. While listening to a porn session, you can run your imagination wild and identify which things turn you on and which ones it is better to avoid. Based on […]

Porn and Relationship – What are the Effects of Watching Porn?

When accessing any kind of adult film is not challenging, people are wondering whether porn and relationship can co-exist together. According to recent research, about 30 % of Americans regularly watch erotic movies. But experts mention that it may be risky for couples as porn and relationship is not always a great combination. Why are […]

Scissor Sexual Position: What Do You Need To Know About It?

If you are already in a relationship or looking for new intimate relationships, original positions can spice up your sexual exercises. Here we are ready to help you. Among the big variety of kinky ideas to use for sex, we found an interesting pose called “scissors”. Scissor sexual position is a good option for those […]

Vibrator In Public—Basic Guidelines From Experienced Naughty Players

How to make the most out of using a vibrator in public? These devices are compact and small, so you can easily put them into your undies. Sounds kinky, isn’t it? What about spicing up your sizzling journey and using this device in public? Granted, you will achieve a lot of unforgettable sensations and emotions. […]

Daddy Dom Relationships—What Hides Behind The DDLG Connection?

Daddy Dom relationships are naughty games between two adults that include BDSM elements. Such a connection is also known as DDLG where DD refers to Daddy Dom ( a mature man that dominates in the relationships) and LG is known as a little girl (a young woman who obeys her daddy). It is worth mentioning […]

Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas—Top Tips and Hacks Revealed

Do you want to use the greatest couples boudoir photoshoot ideas during your next photoshoot with your significant other? Then this article will certainly be useful for you. Whether you are all about kickstarting your sizzling journey or just transforming your special feelings into a picture, you will definitely need to organize a photo session […]

First Time Sex In a New Relationship: Hurry Up or Postpone?

Have you started a new relationship? There comes a time when the question of the first sex inevitably arises in a newly born love couple. When it’s possible? How to calculate “day X” and do everything so that the expected intimacy does not become the last one with the partner? Is There a Specific Date […]

How to French Kiss?—Popular Techniques, Tips, and Hacks

Learning how to french kiss is a perfect way to spice up your intimate life with your partner and trigger sensitive erogenous zones to derive the most out of your experience. Did you know that tongue touching contributes to boosting endorphins in the body and eliminating stress levels? These are only some advantages of French […]

Swingerslife: A Comprehensive Guide on Swingers

There is hardly a person in the whole world who has never heard about swingers, especially those who are interested in sexual experiments. But who are swingers? They are just like ordinary people who live different lives, belonging to different races and social classes: from office workers who are atheists to wealthy and devoted Christians. […]

Erotic Abnormalities. Norma or Diagnosis?

Sometimes the behavior of other people seems vicious, unacceptable, and unnatural. When we hear something quite different from our sexual knowledge and tastes, we label a person as a pervert.  Things start to change when you discover that your sex partner has erotic abnormalities. Here all the acceptable to us dogmas and canons go to […]

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