What is Lithromantic? Is It Considered Normal or a Disease?


Sexual orientation is studied by many scientists and psychologists. We are used to thinking that there are three basic directions – heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. But in fact, there are many more types of sexual orientation. The term “litromanticism” can also be considered one of the kinds of aromanticism – areas of romantic orientation. Who are the litromantics? How do you know if you are a litromantic? And can such people be in a romantic relationship? In this article, you will learn everything and find a psychological lithromantic test. Stay here and keep reading this guide if you ever wondered if you could be a litromantic.

What is a lithromantic? Lithromantics fall in love often but prefer to remain unhappy longer because they only like those who will never reciprocate them. Lithromantics can easily fall in love with a character from a book or movie and suffer unrequited love. We are all a few lithromantics, because who has not fallen in love with the most popular characters from their favorite films?

👆🏻 Things to know:

  • Lithromantics are people who can love but do not want their partner to reciprocate.
  • Such people may fall in love with fictional characters, such as those from films.
  • Lithromantics lose feelings for a person as soon as they realize that it is mutual.

📝 Lithromantic Meaning: Know It Before Reading Further

Let’s figure it out: What does lithromantic mean? If you decide to google the term “litromanticism”, you will get something like this: lithromantics are people who can feel romantic love for someone, but mutual feelings repel them. When the object of love reciprocates them, they disappear.

What can we highlight in this definition? First, and most importantly, we could say to define lithromantic – such people can be romantically in love. They strongly feel what ordinary people do. The second point – mutual feelings repel them from the object of sympathy. Imagine that a lithromantic girl falls in love with a guy, and if he shows mutual feelings for her, he ceases to be interesting to her. At the same time, love is gone. Although it would seem that nothing has changed, except that he showed her his mutual interest. And the more he will show her his mutual feelings, the less he will be interesting to her.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Can Lithromantic Be In a Relationship?

Every person wants to be happy, and a lithromantic is also a person. Accordingly, litromantics want to enjoy life. However, everyone’s sources of pleasure are different. Someone wants to see the fire of love in the eyes of a partner, confirming feelings for them, and the lithromantic, in turn, wants to see coldness and indifference from the side of the object of their sympathy. The pleasure that a lithromantic receives from such non-reciprocity is very different from the feelings that a man in love experiences for his soulmate. And it has little to do with what the average person wants to feel.

It’s a mixture of pain, guilt, normal falling in love, and more. That is, everything is so mixed up there that it is very difficult to identify what kind of feeling it is. Despite such painful sensations, the lithromantic falls in love again and again and receives another portion of feelings and emotions. Every adult-conscious person can realize whether he should build a relationship. If these bring him pain, harm, and negative feelings, then there is no point in looking for a partner for a relationship. If a lithromantic prefers to feel such emotions and it pleases him, then he may well be happy in a relationship. That’s just the question of whether his soulmate will be happy with him.

Most litromantics are in relationships that do not harm anyone. After all, even if they fall in love with a certain person, they will never tell him about it. From this, a person does not get any problems, and the lithromantic experiences his specific pleasure from this. However, some lithromantics do stalking.

   lithromantic pride flag

Stalking is obsessive unwanted attention to one person from another. Stalking has many forms, and lithromantics can use any of them. If a person has psychopathological deviations, then everything can come to really terrible actions. The vast majority of litromantics constantly monitor the social networks of their beloved, collect information about them from various sources, and visit those places where they can intersect with their object of sympathy.

Why are they doing that? Their goal is to get a surge of emotions and feelings. When a stalker feels the distance between himself and the object of their love, he gets real pleasure. Knowing and controlling every step of the object of their sympathy gives them the illusion of control, from which they feel calm and feel safe, while the object of control cannot refuse them. After all, the relationship proceeds in such a format that the object does not know that it is in a relationship.

Am I Lithromantic? Top 10 Signs to Reveal Your Feelings

Many people who notice that something is wrong in terms of a romantic relationship with them do not even know about such a thing as being lithromantic. You may have noticed that all attempts to enter into a relationship end in a break for you. Such a sad experience can alarm many people. First, pay attention to these signs of lithromanticism. A special “feeling lithromantic quiz will help you determine your exact romantic orientation.

Being Litromantic

✅ You don’t need a romantic relationship

But at the same time, you may want platonic ones. It is important to be clear here that lithromantic is a romantic orientation, which may not be the same as a sexual one. That is, you may not want to date a person, but at the same time, you will like to have sex with him. Litromantics are intimidated by the idea of intimacy (in a romantic sense) and “eternal love.” They are afraid that this might happen to them. And that is why they try to avoid reciprocal feelings.

✅ You fall in love with those who definitely won’t love you back

For example, it could be characters in books or films. Here the risk of reciprocity is certainly minimal. After all, few people manage to marry even their favorite actor, what can we say about the image invented by the author? Of course, all of us, when immersed in a story, are imbued with feelings for certain characters. But a lithromantic will imagine living together with him, studying his character and always choosing in his favor (even if he meets a real person). This is probably because a fictional character can never break a lithromantic’s heart. So, in these “relationships,” he is safe.

✅ Usually you hide your feelings from a potential partner

Precisely because you are afraid that at some point he may become “your” partner. Some lithromantics prefer not to share what they feel with other people. Even with friends. Because they can take the initiative and try to bring the “beloved”. Or just tell about the feelings of a lithromantic to their subject of sighing.

✅ You are the enemy of romance

Even when it doesn’t concern you. Litromantics can be annoyed by Valentine’s Day, the last row of the cinema, and kissing couples on the subway. Although the latter, of course, annoy not only litromantics. But they consider all manifestations of “tenderness” to be stupid and unnecessary attributes of a relationship. Just like relationships in general.

✅ You experience discomfort during physical contact

One of the lithromantic flags is when you don’t like it when your partner or someone you like makes tactile contact with you. Such people cannot stand when they are taken by the hand, hugged, or straightened their hair. But this does not mean that you are anti-sex, litromanticism is more about defining romantic feelings.

✅ You may feel sympathy or love for fictional characters

This isn’t always the case, but some litromantics fantasize about relationships they could have with a character from their favorite books, movies, and TV series. But everyone understands – mutual sympathy and feelings with invented characters are impossible. Thus, it is very difficult and difficult for litromantic people to deal with their emotions and feelings towards a character that does not even exist in reality.

whats lithromantic

✅ You may not want a relationship

Since litromantic people cannot experience serious long-term feelings for a person, relationships are also not suitable for them. Such people do not have the goal of finding a person for a romance or starting a family. They are looking for quick contact or communication for their interests without further development. Because they are sure that their feelings will quickly disappear.

✅ You have tension when communicating with someone you like

Often, ordinary people are nervous and worried when they have contact with the object of their sympathy because they are afraid of receiving non-reciprocal love. When it comes to litromantics, they, on the contrary, are worried that in no case will the partner show them signs of attention and mutual sympathy. Therefore, it is quite obvious that such people avoid interacting with those who impress them.

✅ You are afraid of bright emotions and romantic actions

Mutual actions and loving acts on the part of a partner disgust you? This is also characteristic of those who can be called litromantic. On a subconscious level, you are afraid of signs of attention in your direction.

✅ You have a feeling of sympathy for a short time

People who are lithromantic do not know how to love for a long time. From the very beginning, they may have a strong attraction to a partner, but once they enter into a relationship, this passes. They can only have a physical attraction to their soulmate. And when this person breaks off relations with them, feelings can return. Unfortunately, many people do not want to be in a relationship with lithromantics, as they feel cold and ignored in their direction.

🧐 What If I’m a Litromantic? Is It Possible to Get Rid of This?

Many litromantics are interested in the question of whether it is possible to somehow get rid of this feeling and become like everyone else. Now you will read practical recommendations that will be useful to you.

First of all, you need to understand your needs, so answer the following questions:

  • What does my dream relationship look like? Describe exactly your idea of a relationship.
  • Why do I need a relationship? What will I get by joining them?
  • How will my life change if I can build the relationship of my dreams and how do I see myself in a relationship?

By answering these questions, you will kill two birds with one stone. First, you will outline the image of the future, and you will have an idea of what you can and should strive for. But secondly, you will begin to notice the pain points with which you will now work.

After completing the first task, you have material for analysis, look at all your answers and emphasize what seems to you unattainable, inadequate, or imposed by someone from outside. And then ask yourself this question: Why do I think this is wrong and alien to me? Where did these thoughts and ideas about relationships come from in my life? What do I want to change and what should be for this?

✍🏻 Conclusion

Is lithromantic real? Yes, there is such a term and it applies to many people in the world. After reading this guide, you have learned all about litromanticism, and most likely have decided on what excites you. Analyze your situation and understand whether you are comfortable with experiencing such feelings and being a litromantic. If you are happy and do not harm others, then you do not need help, enjoy your behavior. And if not, then start working on yourself. If lithromanticism is a problem for you, then fight it, and you will succeed.

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