Erotic Abnormalities. Norma or Diagnosis?

erotic abnormalities

Sometimes the behavior of other people seems vicious, unacceptable, and unnatural. When we hear something quite different from our sexual knowledge and tastes, we label a person as a pervert.  Things start to change when you discover that your sex partner has erotic abnormalities. Here all the acceptable to us dogmas and canons go to hell. However, it’s difficult to argue about sexual tastes.

There is no clear division between acceptable and unacceptable sexual norms in the world. It all depends on the sexual constitution of partners. For example, some people like threesome, swing experiences, or wearing the partner’s clothes. Before sailing into the world of sensual pleasure, negotiate ashore first. You may not understand your partner’s strange features, but the other person will find them quite normal. What do you actually know about deviations? People are very different as well as their ways to get sexual pleasures. Everybody has their own abnormalities which deserve to be considered here. Who knows? Maybe not everything is a perversion.

erotic abnormalities

The Most Common Erotic Abnormalities

Erotic abnormalities mean that a person gets sexual pleasure via contact with a definite object. It can be demonstrated in some sex types. In different cultures, sexual abnormalities include various types of sexual behavior. Treatment of a person’s deviations is carried out only if they cause suffering to the person himself/herself or people around. Anyway, you are recommended to learn the most common erotic abnormalities to decide what is or isn’t acceptable for you.


When a partner likes a certain part of your body or clothing (sometimes a personal item), he/she is called a fetishist. In general, a person idealizes the object of desire. It can go beyond the normal only when it becomes a mania. Fetishists may get satisfaction from their parts. Many of us take something of our own from the world of fetish. These are images for role-playing games (for example, a schoolgirl and a teacher), behavior during foreplay (in particular, excitement from the color of linen, smell, touch).


Sadism is a demonstration of erotic desire, which consists of obtaining pleasure from the suffering of a partner. The sadist is excited by the process itself, which often does without intercourse. During sadistic games, it is necessary to monitor the sterility of what is used as props. Don’t neglect contraception and first aid both before and after the chosen punishment.


Sometimes watching naked people or those who indulge in pleasures is exciting. This is acceptable as long as it doesn’t become a persecution mania. Many psychologists and sexologists classify voyeurs as lovers of pornographic material. On the one hand, this can add zest to the couple’s relationship. This may lead to mental breakdown against the background of voyeurism on an ongoing basis .



Sexual pleasure based on inflicting pain on yourself or your partner is called sadomasochism. Some elements of this behavior may be acceptable in traditional sex. For example, patting on the clitoris or buttocks, biting the nipples, or labia. You should not confuse sadomasochism with manifestations of cruelty and aggression. During sex, sadomasochists need to count the force of blows and bites. They use sterile sex toys or devices, and treat wounds on the body.



Exhibitionism is called atypical sexual behavior. It is characterized by an open demonstration to a partner or others of genitals (often in conjunction with masturbation). As a rule, an exhibitionist does not seek sexual intercourse.

When Erotic Abnormalities Are Diagnosis?

Look at the conditions which say that erotic abnormality is a diagnosis:

·         Erotic fantasies should be intense and repetitive

·         A person must either follow own promptings or experience extreme guilt

·         An individual should repeat sexual urges for at least six months

If you notice that the following things occur with you or your partner, then maybe you should consider some professional assistance.


You are free to try any sex types that you and your partner find pleasant. However, when it comes to some extraordinary experience, it is necessary to be careful and attentive. Do not neglect to discuss everything in detail. Think about professional help when you understand that it is hard to control erotic abnormalities.

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