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Over some time, many couples begin to notice that relationships are becoming too mundane. This happens because the husband and wife get used to having each other. Remember first dates, when nothing is clear yet, you really like a person, but you still do not dare to hug, kiss him/her or say something about sex. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should divorce or separate. You can get new pleasure with sex role games and refresh your relationships.

How to Role Play Well?

Some people feel shy or even awkward to start sex role games. If you are one of them, then consider a few effective tips that will allow you role play very well:

1.  Think about your fantasies. What is in your head? Do you want to be a massage therapist or teacher at college? Maybe you have some other ideas from your favorite fiction books?  In role-play, there are no boundaries and only your imagination sets some restrictions.  Think about the scenario that makes you inspired for having a great time with your partner.

2.  Talk about your fantasies. How to talk about sex with a partner?  There are a few ways to start a conversation and you should act depending on the situation. Or just breathe out and say “I cannot stop thinking about…” and wait for the reaction. If you see the interest, then go to the level up.                                                                                                             

3.  Start slow. Do not hurry especially if this is your first time and you feel unconfident. You may text your partner to get ready. This way, you can play with your imagination a little bit more. Check whether you feel comfortable with your role. If everything is ok, start your grand game without any doubts.

Some Examples of Sex Roles Games

Role-playing games can develop in absolutely any scenario. Heroes of your favorite films, TV series, or books can be prototypes. Here you don’t have to bother with the plot. You can also choose historical characters or any other image born in your head. The main thing is to think over the storyline. We offer some unusual characters for your fantasies. Here are a few nice examples to discover.

First date

It is better to prepare for the game in a few days. Forbid each other touches at home: hugs, kissing goodbye, slaps on the buttocks. Within a week you will start to go crazy over each other, and now is the time to invite your partner to the “first date”. Everything should really be like on a date, best of all not in your favorite cafe, but in some new place. When you meet, ask each other about things that you haven’t talked about for a hundred years: your favorite films, where you’ve been, what are your hobbies, etc. And, of course, the gentleman will have to accompany the lady home, kiss in front of the door, and stay for another cup of tea.

Service staff

The attendants are often in erotic fantasies of both sexes. It’s not just stewardesses in sexy outfits that attract men: waitresses, maids, sex shop assistants, and other service workers. But not only men are greedy for such images, but women also sometimes glance at men of working professions: strong painters, electricians, plumbers, in working uniforms lowered to the waist because of the heat or overalls with suspenders also deserve a bit of attention. The scenes for this game are very simple, even everyday ones, but a great motivation for a husband to fix a dripping tap or paint a door in the kitchen.


Every man deep down wants to save his beloved from villains. Give him this chance, since superhero costumes can be found both in the sex shop and at the flea market. You can start with an SMS correspondence with the “villain” who captured your lady of the heart (here the “captive” will have to play two roles). To make her free, you will have to perform a sexual task and then take the beloved away in her arms so that she has the opportunity to thank her savior. Another scenario assumes a classic confrontation between superheroes, for example, Batman and Catwoman, or Wolverine and Mystique from “X-Men”.


Despite how long you are together, sex role games are important for keeping relationships fresh and hot. With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily get new pleasure and look at your partner from another angle. Think about the bravest fantasies in your head, discuss them with your partner, decide what to start with, and have a great time. Forget about all prejudices or myths about sex toys, and discover new opportunities together with your lover.

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