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Having sex is not only pleasing, it surely prolongs our life. Its role in protecting against diseases is so great that if the person does not have a partner, experts recommend maintaining sensuality independently or start searching for the partner on a good dating website. Desire is a surge of vitality that promotes longevity. This is not surprising: making love makes people happier, and this feeling is extremely beneficial for the immune system. Physical pleasure improves hormonal balance. At the moment of orgasm, endorphins are released in the brain, which leads to a feeling of euphoria, which turns into a feeling of general well-being: a person calms down, stress decreases, anxiety recedes. All this helps restore overall strength.

Sex also plays an important role in the prevention of breast cancer. To clarify, it reduces the risk of inflammation, which creates the prerequisites for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Are quantitative norms applicable to intimate life? Can you be happy by having sex more often? What is the average number of sex per week? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions.

What is the Ideal Frequency of Sex?

Many people are wondering how often they need sex. However, it is quite challenging to answer this question. Is it bad not to have sex everyday? Ideal frequency depends on a variety of factors such as age, marital status, health, etc. For instance, just married couple will surely have sex very often, while people who have been married for 10 years, will have sex rarely in comparison to the first time after the wedding.

Of course, scientists use different methods to find out the perfect frequency of sex, but you should mind that the answer varies from a person to person. Still, in general, they claim that people need sex at least once every seven days. It would be great if a person has different sex types to increase satisfaction in the long run.  

How Do I Naturally Improve My Sex Life?

If your sex life is challenged, here are a few steps that you can take to improve it:

1. Gain new knowledge. Luckily today, you can find a wide range of books dedicated to the most common sex issues. Drop into the local shop to purchase a few ones and educate yourself and your partner. If you find discussing a particular issue quite challenging, you can underline important passages and show them to your partner.

2.      Give yourself time. Don’t forget that your body goes through numerous changes once you are getting older. It means that you may need more time to get relaxed and reach orgasm. Accept these changes and be open to getting a new type of sexual experience.  

3.  Consider lubrication. Vaginal dryness can become a real challenge on your way to good sex. Think about lubricating liquids and gels to cope with this problem. Discuss all possible alternatives with the doctor when the lubrication stops being effective.

4.  Practice touching. Effective techniques may assist you in re-establish lost physical intimacy and still not be pressured. Use some of the available self-help videos and books to find the best exercises and start practicing.

5.  Experiment with poses. Trying different poses doesn’t only increase the interest in lovemaking, but assists to overcome available problems. For instance, G-spot stimulation before entering the woman, helps her reach orgasm.

6.    Write down all your fantasies. You may not even realize all the fantasies that you have in your head. By writing them down, you can understand your own dreams and expectations from your partner. Recall the plots from favorite erotic movies. Above all, this is especially helpful for people with low sexual desire.

A Lot of Sex: Is It Norm?

There is a difference between hypersexuality and sexual addiction. The problem starts when you feel that:

·         It is difficult to control your sexual impulses;

·        Despite risky consequences (for example, contracting a sexually transmitted disease or losing a regular partner), you want sex

·       Sex is the best way for you to numb loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress.

In these cases, you may deal with addiction, so it would be useful to contact a psychotherapist or sexologist.


Regular sex is the best option to stay energetic, healthy, and inspired. There is no definite answer to “How often do you need sex”. Everything depends on people, their lifestyle, preferences, and plenty of other nuances. While scientists state that a person must have sex at least once per week, these numbers can vary. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your sexual life or want to boost the frequency, do not postpone talking with your partner. Eventually, by uniting your efforts, you will be more likely to achieve the desired result. 

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