How to Help Her Relax: Experts Know

help her relax

It’s the 21st century. At last, people start to discuss things that have been banned for a long period.  Sex is not a shame but an important part of a human being. Currently, both men and women feel free to talk about sexual preferences, problems, and other related things. It is especially true when it comes to the quality of intimate life. If sex is not the most favorite activity of your woman, then it is high time to put an end to it. Learn how to help her relax, try different sex types, and enjoy every minute that you spend in bed.

Recommendations to Help Woman Relax

There’s no wonder that many girls (and quite mature women too) are ashamed of sincere displays of their sexuality. Many do not even suspect that they have these manifestations. They are so deeply buried. Of course, there are people with very weak libido. It’s not about them. We are talking about ladies who want sex, love sex, but when it comes down to it, they suddenly become an ice statue. Wild accusations and sharp-witted sneers are not the best motivators in this situation. Let’s find out really effective recommendations that will help you relax her.

1.  Talk sincerely

It’s one thing when a girl is a little bit shy. Another, if in the past she experienced a severe trauma that affected her sexuality. Not necessarily that it was a rape, although that can’t be ruled out either. Victims don’t often confess about it, even to loved ones. Maybe she had a bad first (or second, or last before you) experience. Former partners who systematically disregarded her desires, or worse, were ashamed of them. And she closed herself to avoid the pain of rejection. You can only start a conversation about this if you are close and confident in your ability to comfort her after and during such a conversation. Begin carefully so that the words do not sound like reproach or accusation from any angle. Finally, you will realize the reason and better understand how to act.

2.  Make her hot

When it comes to simple shyness, you may be in too much of a hurry. Slow down. Drive her crazy with kisses, hands, words, tongue. Just do not take it as slave labor or a necessary evil that you have to go to finally get to the tasty one: the girl wasn’t born yesterday and will understand that you aren’t honest. Enjoy every caress, every touch. Catch her moans, drink them, see how and to what she reacts. If you know how to listen to a woman and sincerely engage in the process, at some point she will tear off your clothes herself.

3.  Arrange a special atmosphere

Lightning a million candles, scattering rose petals on your bed, and playing romantic music is optional. It’s about basic intimacy comfort, which has three components: privacy, convenience, mood. Privacy means that you are in an apartment together and no one will disturb you. Convenience is a normal surface for sex (no exotic, just a bed), cleanliness, and comfort. The mess is distracting. All the necessary supplies like a condom and towels should be prepared. With the mood, it’s clear, as if one or both participants are tired, annoyed, or do not want anything today, you can, of course, have sex, but this will take a disproportionate amount of effort.

4.  Give her a total control

This technique sometimes works: when a shy girl suddenly realizes that all power is in her fragile hands, she blossoms. Lie on the bed and say: “Do what you want with me.” It is unlikely that she will try something truly depraved, so it is most likely not necessary to discuss your taboos in advance.

5.  Make her curious

Let’s say you tried to talk to a girl about what she loves in sex, but as soon as the conversation moves in a dangerous direction, she instantly clenches her teeth. How to talk about sex with partner? A workaround is to communicate in text. Many things are easier to discuss in messengers. Try to flirt with a girl like this during the day. First, tell her what you want to do with her, how you want to satisfy her, and ask for feedback. When contact is made, ask what she wants to do with you. If you are successful in the online world, then feel free to shift offline.

In Conclusion

When you see some success of a girl, say, she stopped holding back moans or took the initiative, although she hadn’t done so before, you are highly recommended to praise her. If a woman does not succeed in something (she finishes for a long time, she is embarrassed to completely undress, it does not matter) and she is really dear to you, in no case focus your attention on this. Keep practicing, and soon you both will enjoy the process from the very beginning to the very end.

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