Is The Size Important: All You Need to Know

is size important

The question of penis size has always been one of the main concerns among men and women. They are trying to find out what is the best size, whether it impacts the quality of sexual intercourse, satisfaction from different sex types, and how to boost penis size naturally. While finding the answers to all these questions may be quite challenging, a team of experts is here to help you.

What’s the Average Size of a Penis?

For a long time, many researchers have been trying to figure out the average size of a man’s penis. They hold plenty of surveys the results of which change from time to time. According to BJU International, 13.12 cm is the average erect dick. However, all next surveys prove that men may report wrong information, coming up with a higher number than it actually is. Hence, all available data is arguable.

How to Measure a Penis?

If you want to know the actual size of a penis, then follow a few simple steps. Take a ruler and press it into the groin. You need to measure from the penis base to the tip. In case you are interested in a penis girth, then take a measuring tape, wrap it around the widest part and find out the answer at once.  

Is Size Important for Girls?

While most guys are sure that the partner will laugh when seeing their penis, the girls may have another point of view. If you want to know your lady’s opinion, learn how to talk about sex with a partner. But generally, does the size of the penis matter for women? Most girls who participate in different surveys state that size is not important. Instead, they are sure that penis size is crucial in other related issues.

What Does Penis Size Affect?

Sometimes, penis size may influence particular factors among which are:

  • Comfort: in case a man’s penis is too large for the woman, it may make the penetration painful without proper lubrication. The same is true for anal intercourse. Incredible size inequality will lead to discomfort and pain.
  • Pleasure:  the girth and the length of a penis may be important for a partner’s stimulation. For example, a man with a wide but short cock can easily stimulate the areas inside a girl’s vagina or anus, but it is almost inefficient with deeper areas.·     
  • Anxiety.  The perception of the actual size greatly impacts the overall sexual experience. Even if the size is average but the person finds it to be small, nothing good should be expected from intercourse.

How to Increase Penis Size at Home?

Men who are not satisfied with the size of their own penis, often consider options to increase it. Among the most popular techniques are surgery, hormone treatment, etc. Still, all of them are associated with numerous risks. Considering the fact that a very small number of men really have a small penis, using any of these options seems to be unreasonable. Doctors don’t recommend any treatment in case the penis is more than 4 cm and 7.5 cm when erect. Hence, instead of worrying about the size of the penis, it is highly recommended to focus all attention on the things that you can get with what you have.

Tips on Improving Compatibility

A few simple strategies can help use available cock size and boost compatibility. First of all, you should talk with your partner honestly, and share your worries, expectations, and desires. Eventually, it may have turned out that another person is quite satisfied with the penis size.  If no, you can consider the following effective tips:

1.  Choosing good lubrication and using more of it in case the sex intercourse brings discomfort

2.  Focusing more attention on foreplay

3.  Trying different sex positions

4.  Adding oral sex into the intercourse

5.  Offering extra stimulations

6.  Using pillows to arrange the more comfortable position

Final Remarks

Despite numerous widespread myths, the size of a man’s dick is not the most important attribute in having a good-quality sex life. Moreover, most girls even do not care about it, considering other nuances more significant for unforgettable nights. The man who feels unconfident with his own size, should first of all talk with the partner. Following the above–discussed tips may greatly help improve the situation. Just mind one significant thing, the size doesn’t have anything in common with the quality. Hence, it is better to accept what you have and try to take advantage of it.

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