4 Popular Myths About Intimate Toys You Should Know

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Today you can come across plenty of modern goods for adults. The usage of sex toys is rapidly increasing, and the income of the market is expected to grow around $52.7 billion by 2026, according to Statista.  Unfortunately, there are still many myths about sex toys.  False delusions prevent people from completely liberating themselves and getting maximum pleasure when it comes to intimacy. If you want to enjoy different sex types and get an unforgettable experience, then let’s dispel existing myths about personal pleasure toys.

Myth 1: Intimate Toys Are for Singles Only

Some people are sure that there is no need for sex toys when you have a compatible partner beside. The reality is the opposite:

  • A stimulant for couples will help heighten the sensations during sex. An arc-shaped vibrating toy is inserted into the vagina with one end and stimulates the G-spot and penis, while the other end rests on the clitoris.
  • A set for sex at a distance will definitely be appreciated by couples in which one or both partners often travel on business trips. The set consists of a dildo and a masturbator with special sensors. The toys are connected with each other using a mobile application: all actions and touches to one of the parts of the set are reflected in the second.
  •  A vibrator with remote control that you can find in vibrator store will appeal to those who like to dominate or want a thrill. With such a toy you can try sex in a public place. The vibrating egg is inserted into the vagina and controlled by a radio remote control.

Myth 2: Only Women Can Use Intimate Toys

Women have vibrators, dildos, clitoral stimulators, while men only have a hand for pleasure. Mind that intimate toys for women are as common as for men! There are no fewer sex toys for guys that they can use and double the satisfaction with ease:

  •  Masturbator. For a complete imitation of sexual intercourse: those who love classic sex can choose a toy in the form of a vagina, oral – in the form of lips, anal – in the form of an anus. If you don’t like physiological masturbators, pay attention to toys that are not realistic in shape.
  •  Sex doll. It performs the same functions as a masturbator, only it looks like a real woman (well, almost). You can choose a doll of any appearance: brunette or blonde, thin or plump, etc.
  • A pump. Vacuum massager that helps strengthen erection. They also say that the pump increases the length and thickness of the penis.

Myth 3: Intimate Toys Are Only for Couples with Problems

Sex toys are a salvation for those who are bored with each other. Not really: it’s a fantastic tool for experiencing new emotions. They help make an already cool experience even more vivid. You can use classic toys such as dildos and vibrators. Or choose non-standard options from sex toys sold near me:

  • Vibration stimulator for the chest. There are hundreds of nerve endings in the nipples, the signal from which goes to the paracentral lobule of the brain. This part also reacts to stimulation of the clitoris. So a vibrating nipple seems to be a good purchase.
  • Erotic panties with beads. Not just underwear, but also an additional stimulant. The beads on the panties during sex will stimulate the labia.
  •  Cock ring. A toy for men to prolong sex. The ring is put on the penis and due to the wide base and vibration stimulation helps maintain an erection longer.

Myth 4: Sex Toys Are Addictive

Some people are sure that it is difficult to re-experience the pleasure of regular sex after using sex toys. They are like a drug: you want to use them over and over again. This can worsen the relationship with your partner. Of course, how can an ordinary person compete with an eternally active vibrator? In fact, these things are completely unrelated to each other. Using toys can only increase libido. Sex toys are also a great way to get to know your body better: you will understand what you like, where the sensitivity is higher, and you can have even more pleasure. A dildo and a vaginal-clitoral stimulator are suitable for examining yourself.

Sex toys will also help you not get bored while your partner is on a business trip. A vacuum stimulator will do a great job here: orgasm with it is achieved in a few minutes due to the direct wave effect on the clitoris. Sex toys can be used for more than just pleasure. For example, vaginal balls, that are Kegel balls, are suitable for maintaining the tone of intimate muscles. And this helps alleviate painful periods and a more comfortable course of childbirth.

Summing – up

Using intimate toys is getting more and more popular and this is not surprising if to remember about all advantages that they can provide the person with. Those people who feel shy, inexperienced or doubtful, can order any good online and check whether all – above-mentioned myths are reasonable.  Using sex toys, it is possible not only to help her relax but maintain the guy’s erection longer, and in general, improve the quality of their intimate life.  Hence, it is recommended to express your point of view on using intimate toys when you are building a profile on a dating site. This way you will not waste time and start communicating only with the same-minded people.

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