One-Night Stand: Learn All Do’s and Don’ts


Is it OK to have one night stand? Yes, it is. But perhaps you faced the situation when after a great night, the woman wanted to start a serious relationship or refused to leave your house in the morning. If you want to keep enjoying such an experience, but you would like to avoid negative consequences, then keep reading, and find out all rules of a one-night stand.

How Do You Have a One Night Stand?

Do you like sex without any obligations? Great! Bit keep in mind a few great do’s and don’ts that will help you get the best experience in your life.


  1. Allow yourself to engage in having an impressive one night at stand. Unfortunately, too many people think whether such an intimate experience is ok, and worry about public opinion. As a result, they miss so many great opportunities to feel relaxed, and cheerful. Remember that the best day to be happy is today.
  2. Mind a protection plan. Bring a condom or purchase it before asking the girl to spend a night with you. Being safe is one of the most significant rules of the night one stands. What are my chances of getting HIV from a one night stand? They are really high without proper protection.
  3. Be ready to share your fantasies. A one-night stand experience is a great opportunity to try things that you have been dreaming about. Make sure that you are on the same page with another person and have unforgettable sexual experiments.
  4. Make sure that the girl is not absolutely drunk and can make a clear decision. If yes, then offer her a glass of water and talk a little. Acting like this, you will feel better in the morning.
  5. Always discuss your plans. If you do not plan to meet again or you are not interested in a serious relationship, just say this.  Avoid making her confused and agree about everything. Or, discover how to tell a one night stand you want to do it again, and do not get disappointed either.
  6. Be a gentleman and offer her a lift or at least some money for a taxi. Also, it will make the overall departure less uncomfortable.


  1. Never act like a dick. Even if you do not plan to see this girl again, it doesn’t mean that you can treat her badly. After all, she’s someone’s sister or daughter.  Show care and respect. Let everything be like a pleasant surprise rather than your star night.
  2. Do not be late with using a condom. Engaging foreplay is great, but safety is above all. Perhaps you do not want to deal with an STD or unexpected pregnancy.
  3. Don’t do anything that you have not discussed before. For instance, you can get new pleasure with sex role games, but only if you both are ready.
  4. Stop asking her to have sex with you, if she refuses once. Do not persuade her and look for another candidature. How does a woman feel after a one night stand? She may feel either excited or sad, so do not insist and let her decide.
  5. Do not come with strange excuses like “I am going to have breakfast with my sister”. Think about what you will say in the morning, and make sure that it sounds ok.
  6. Do not make any promises if you are not sure that you will keep them. Stay silent if you have nothing to say, and smile. Avoid mentioning things that are nonsense.

How Do You Do a Casual One Night Stand?

If you decide to get into the world of no-strings-attached sex, then make sure that it is what you really want. In this case, you need to play certain rules and mind your own expectations.  What does it mean when a guy calls after a one night stand? It means that he wants to see the girl again. But if you decide to call the woman, make sure that she understands you properly. Maybe it would be better to send a message first, especially if you agreed not to get in touch again. Mind that by speaking to the person after a great night, you risk spoiling the overall impression.

All in all, one-night stands can be a great beginning of a new relationship, or they may be just a spontaneous experience. Despite what scenario you choose, remember about your desires and respect the needs of another person. Making both of you feel comfortable means that your one-night stand was successful.

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