A Detailed Guide on Oral Sex. Is It Dangerous?

oral sex

Oral sex is a sexual act in which one of the partners receives arousal and satisfaction, or both. It is carried out by fondling and stimulating the partner’s genitals with the mouth or tongue. The purpose of oral sex is to have an orgasm. There are two types of oral sex: blowjob and cunnilingus and a special type of rimming. By the way, oral sex is a regular practice for threesome experience.

For a long period, people considered it as the safest sex type, and there is a grain of reason for this. It does not lead to unwanted pregnancy, and the chances of getting infected in this case are much lower than with other types of sexual contact. The mucous membrane of the mouth is a natural barrier that prevents infection from entering the bloodstream, and saliva helps fight bacteria. However, without taking precautions, oral sex can lead to a number of diseases that will have to be treated for a long time and persistently, and become obstacles on your way to orgasm surely.

While some people like different sex types, including giving a guy oral before, during, or after intimate intercourse, it can lead to numerous unpleasant consequences. Does oral sex cause gum disease? Let’s find it out.

1.  Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea can be transmitted via oral sex despite you are a “giver” or “receiver”. You can explain it by contact of penis, vagina, anus, mouth, or cervix with infected individual’s secretions. Unfortunately, the bacteria that causes gonorrhea lives in the throat, eyelid, surfaces of the vagina, urethra, rectum, etc.

2.  Chlamydia

It is one of the most widespread diseases in the USA according to the official reports. However, many people do not even know that they have this STI due to a lack of particular symptoms. The only way to find out is regular testing. Even though the chances to get chlamydia are lower than the traditional intercourse, the risks still exist.  

3.  Hepatitis A, B, C

All known forms of Hepatitis are transferred via direct contact with semen, blood, or vaginal secretions. You can easily have any of them if the person has a fresh piercing, bloody gums, etc. In this case, you can get infection after oral sex.

4.  Herpes & genital warts

Being one of the most simply transmitted diseases, they can pass onto you even if the partner doesn’t have an outbreak for them. As the CDC reports,  one out of six people aged 14-49 years, has genital herpes. It can be spread as it is about skin contact.  

5.  HIV

The most popular experts state that oral sex with an HIV – positive person doesn’t come with many risks. Still, it is quite an arguable question since people often have oral sex along with anal or vaginal sex. The risks are increasing in case the partner has sores in the penis, vagina, or throat, bleeding gums, or other STIs.

6.  Syphilis

This bacterial infection can be easily transmitted via oral sex and cause serious problems if a person doesn’t treat it. Syphilis sores can be both on the genitals and in the mouth. Despite whether you are a “giver” or “receiver”, risks exist even if you can’t see a partner’s throat.  

Rules of Safe Oral Sex

The main guidance is to surrender unprotected oral sex with unverified, casual partners. A customary condom or latex wipes for ladies will invalidate the odds of contamination. You should notice oral cleanliness, consistently brush your teeth and visit the dental specialist two times every year. Any irritation, wounds, draining gums improve the probability of contamination entering the circulation system. It is ideal to stay away if your accomplice has redness, rash, or plaque on the privates. Likewise, don’t do cunnilingus during your period.

Specialists suggest not having oral sex after ongoing dental and gum treatment, and for in any event thirty minutes in the wake of brushing your teeth. Toward the finish of intercourse, you ought to completely flush your mouth with an antibacterial solution. It is important to go through customary clinical assessments and look for clinical assistance at the principal dubious indications. This is the very situation when cautiousness is rarely over the top.


Probably, the last thing that you want when decide to have oral sex with a partner, is to get the infection. That’s why, you need to have regular testing, choose a reliable person for sexual activities, and follow all mentioned above recommendations of experts. Enjoy intimate life, take advantage of pleasant facts about sex, make it colorful, but do not forget about safety. Otherwise, a one-night stand may become your nightmare for a long period!

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