Scissor Sexual Position: What Do You Need To Know About It?

scissor sexual position

If you are already in a relationship or looking for new intimate relationships, original positions can spice up your sexual exercises. Here we are ready to help you. Among the big variety of kinky ideas to use for sex, we found an interesting pose called “scissors”. Scissor sexual position is a good option for those who want to diversify their intimate life. Although it may seem difficult, having understood it once, partners will easily return to it again. The lady lies on her back in front of the partner, who lies on his side. She throws one leg over his shoulder and slips the other between his legs. The partner raises the top of the body, puts his hand on his elbow, and slightly bends the leg at the knee, which is between the legs of the partner. With his free hand, he can caress her breasts.

Partners practice it when they are eager to enjoy maximum penetration and double stimulation for their partner. If you want to forget about the usual movements and try something unusual, read the article below. In addition, we will add the scissor sexual position images so that you can better understand everything.

What is Pose Technique

This interesting position is designed for slow and gentle sex with a powerful climax. It doesn’t matter what physical preparation you have: here, no one will definitely test you for acrobatic stunts.

What is the scissor sexual position? Now let’s look at the “scissors” in detail. The woman lies on her back, the man remains on his side. At the same time, he spreads his hips to the sides, and the partner throws one leg over his shoulder and puts the other between his legs. During sex, the partners’ legs are intertwined like scissors. To make the pushes stronger, they tighten the muscles of the inner thigh. The man supports his weight by placing his hand on his elbow and slightly bending his upper leg at the knee. With his free hand, he can caress his partner’s nipples. It sounds tricky in words, but in reality, the technique is quite simple.

what is the scissor sexual position?

5 Tips For Maximum Satisfaction from Scissor Sexual Position

Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of scissor sex.

1. Penetration is not necessary

The clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone in the female body. Touch, friction, and pressure on his outer part are enough to experience an orgasm. In the scissors position, the girl will receive just such stimulation when her vulva comes into contact with her partner’s thigh. The same movements also stimulate the head of the penis, the most sensitive erogenous zone of a man.

2. The presence of a partner, by the way, is also not necessary

A scissor position is a great option for masturbation. Your body, in general, does not care whether the penis or vulva rubs against the thigh of a loved one or, for example, against a pillow sandwiched between your legs. Orgasm in this case comes “from the head”: if you fantasize, and experience excitement, then the pillow is enough for a powerful discharge.

3. You will need lube

When you have traditional sex, your genitals produce natural lubrication. But the inner side of the thigh, which provides stimulation in the Scissors position, is not capable of this. To get carried away, do not rub sensitive areas, and do not spare the lubricant: lubricate the perineum, vulva, and penis with it. Be ready to add a new portion of lubricant at any time.

4. You also need a warm-up

“Scissors” will force you to actively work the buttocks and hips. If you are not very physically fit, such movements can lead to slight soreness after sex. To make life easier for yourself and your loved one, take the time to foreplay: stroke, massage, and warm up the buttocks and thighs of your partner. This will be a good warm-up and allow the muscles to prepare for an unusual load.

5. Experimenting is great

To touch the genitals and stimulate them on the thigh of a partner, it is not necessary to sit facing each other. The Scissors position has a vast number of options. For example, it can be combined with the horsewoman pose: a man lies on his back, slightly bends one leg at the knee, and a woman sits astride his raised thigh. Or with the “Spoon” pose: the woman is on her side, the man hugs her from behind and puts his leg between her thighs.

Specifics and Variations of the “Scissors” Position

Partners can easily change the depth and density of penetration. They often reach orgasm at the same time thanks to tightly pressed genitals and crossed legs. The girl gets clitoral stimulation as a bonus from rubbing against the male groin. This position is loved by lesbian couples.

Like other positions from the Kama Sutra, the “scissors” have their own variations. Some of them are very turned on, even if both partners are not too excited yet. Below are a few examples of how you can practice the scissors pose:

  1. Variation with the doggy-style pose. A man kneeling deeply penetrates a woman lying in a scissors position.
  2. Reverse cowgirl variation. The man lies on his back with a bent leg at the knee. The girl erotically sits on his penis with her back to him, wrapping one leg around.
  3. Missionary variation. The girl lies on her back, and the man lies on his side facing her.
  4. Hanging scissors. The pose is very energetic! The partner lies on the edge of the bed on her side, one leg remains on the floor. She supports herself with her left hand, and the partner takes her by the waist. He steps over her left leg, and thrusts his cock into her vagina, holding her other leg up.
  5. Crosswise. The girl lays down on any high surface. The hips are close to the edge, and the legs are raised up at a right angle. The man turns to face his partner and spreads her legs. Then he enters her, clasps her ankles with his palms, and combines the cross movements of the girl’s legs with his frictions.
Scissor Sexual Position

Scissor Sexual Position: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Despite the visual complexity of the positioning of the bodies, in fact, the “scissors” position is simple and allows you to get a lot of pleasure from sex.


  • During it, the clitoris is stimulated;
  • No special physical training is required;
  • Partners are trying something new.


  • Little body contact and maneuverability for a man;
  • Discomfort for the partner from below, who leans on the lower leg of the partner from above. Sometimes the gluteal muscles become numb;
  • Some people just don’t like this position for their own reasons.

Let’s Recap

If you can’t wait to add a spark to the first intimate meeting or surprise your loved one with something new, don’t put off the “scissors” pose for later. Perhaps she will become one of your favorites, with which you will achieve a mutually bright orgasm. After all, sex is not just a pleasure, but also a game. Scissor sexual position and other spicy poses will make your life even brighter and more enjoyable.

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