Sex Types: Widen Horizons and Impress Your Partner

sex types

Sex is a rather multifaceted concept. Its boundaries sometimes go beyond the understanding of society and common sense. The classification of sex is generally a mysterious and incomprehensible thing. There is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet, but one half of the presented information does not mention sufficiently important types of sex, and the other quite often describes something incomprehensible. This article contains all the possible types of sex. If you want to have a fantastic intimate life, then find out more about them.

Why Are People Interested in Sex Types?

The importance of sex is not a big surprise for every grown-up. If the person has no regular sex or has poor-quality sex intercourses, then this person becomes irritable, more prone to stress and depressions. Good sex helps couples:

  • Boost mutual trust
  • Decrease the probability of cheating
  • Get closer
  • Increase self-confidence in all aspects of life

If you want to enjoy all these benefits and do not know how to change your routine sex intercourse, then consider all popular sex types.

Traditional Sex Types

Traditional sex types are practiced almost by all people. Some partners refuse definite options to satisfy each other. The reasons for this may be different: physical body’s peculiarities, poor knowledge, etc. Anyway, these sex types are familiar to all adults.


It’s the most common sex type that gives birth to children. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to explain that it passes through the contact of male and female genital organs.  This type has no subspecies.


It is a sex in which the genitals of one partner and the mouth of the other are involved in the process. The subspecies of this type of sex are the following:

  • Blowjob. It’s the satisfaction of a partner by licking, sucking, and kissing his penis.
  • Cunnilingus is the satisfaction of a partner by licking and kissing a woman’s vagina. By the way, sucking is also appropriate here. Who does not know, you can also suck and even bite slightly clitoris.
  • Lingual sex is the satisfaction of a partner exclusively with tongue.


Anal sex involves penetration into the anus or rectum. It can be schematically divided into two subspecies:

  • With the participation of the partner’s penis
  • With the participation of other organs of the partner.

One could also mention the participation of various objects, but this is a different kind of sex.

Other Sex Types

Besides well-known, traditional sex types, other kinds of sexual intercourse exist. Here they are:

  1. Group sex. Group sex means the participation of more than two partners. The most widespread options are one man and two women, or vice versa.
  2. Swingers. This type of sex encourages couples to exchange partners and enjoy long hours of sexual intercourse. Swingers always get incredible emotions.
  3. BDSM. BDSM means a complete submission of one partner to another one. Usually, the couple uses special objects like strict latex or leather suits, handcuffs, whips, gags. In such proximity, you should agree on words or actions that will indicate to the dominant that the subordinate wants to stop the BDSM act.
  4. Tantric. During tantric sex intercourse, partners involve all possible forms of intimacy – from spiritual and psychological to physical. The room is always arranged specially, with candles and music. Partners sit in front of each other and admire the bodies. Then they start with gentle touches, increasing the dynamic step by step. In the end, partners are expected to go back to eye contact.

Unusual Sex Types

Besides traditional, unusual sex types exist.  Their names are explained by the fact that not all people understand physiological motivation and mechanisms of getting satisfaction. There are plenty of subspecies. They include everything that does not belong to any of the above types:

  • Virtual sex. It’s the sex at a distance through the phone, internet messages, and skype.
  • Petting. It’s mutual affection, smoothly turning into frottage sex without penetration.
  • Interfemoral sex. When a penis makes special movements between the partner’s thighs.
  • Breast sex. When a penis makes certain movements between the woman’s breasts. The more magnificent the bust, the more vivid sensations a man experiences.
  • Glutinous sex. When a penis makes movements, being between the partner’s buttocks, but not entering woman’s anal.
  • Interpedal sex. When a penis is between the partner’s feet and makes special movements.
  • Interracial sex. When a penis is between the calves of the partner.
  • Vertebral sex. When a penis rides the partner’s spine.
  • Popliteal sex. When a penis is located in the popliteal cap or the elbow joint of the partner.
  • Trichophilic sex. When a penis makes movements as if shaking against the head, or rather, the hair of the partner.

The Last Word

If you want to enjoy intimate life, then forget about common prejudices. You should listen to your body and mind, and discuss the most suitable options with your partner.  Experiment, enjoy and get satisfaction with no boundaries. 

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