Sex with a Friend: Things to Be Aware of

sex with friend

Sometimes it takes a whole life to find a good friend who has the same interests, preferences, and point of view. That’s why when you start looking at your close friend from another angle, you feel nervous. It is not surprising because losing such a person is the last thing that you want to face. But what if it can be the beginning of something significant? What if being friends is not the only thing that you can do? Can sex with a friend spoil your relationship or serve as a ground for closer interaction? Let’s find it out.

How to Go to the Next Level?

There are so many discussions about the possibility for man and woman to be just friends. Some experts believe it is not possible due to the risks of having sex earlier or later, and becoming friends with benefits in the long run. Moving from a friend zone is often associated with risks and awards, so you should be ready for everything.

Once you notice that you sexually like your friend as well, you need to think twice before going to the next level. Is the game worth candles? Can you go back to a normal relationship if no romance is possible? If you completely understand your desires and can’t neglect them anymore, then consider a sincere conversation.

First, you may worry, so it is better to practice the phrases that you are going to say. There is no need to talk directly. You can say that you appreciate this person and your relationships and ask whether your friend has even thought about having something more. This way, you will let drop a hint but at the same time, you will leave some space to go back. If your friend feels the same way as you do, then you’ll understand it at once.

What to Do in Case of Unexpected Sex?

Let’s imagine that the last night you had sex with your friend. Let’s face the truth. Even if you were drunk, the wish to have sex that has perhaps been in your head a long time before. Still, you both may feel awkward the next morning. The first thing you should do is to stop worrying. You had a great night, yes? So there is no sense in regretting it.  Instead, you should talk directly. Share your desires and feelings and ask your friend about his/hers. Step by step, you will decide what to do next. But even if you can’t then take a pause. Stay alone and think about that night all over again. Soon, you will understand what is the best decision for both of you so that you do not damage your relationships and stay close as before.

What if a Friend Wants Only Friendship?

It is quite an ordinary situation as there are so many stories when one friend fell in love while the other person did not feel the same way. The best thing that you can do in such a situation is to accept it. It happens and you just need to realize it and go further. Of course, it is not the most pleasant moment in your life, but still, it is not a catastrophe. Now you should be more careful. From this very moment, you should set some boundaries. For instance, avoid staying at your friend’s place till late at night to watch movies, change clothes in the same room, etc.

If you feel that you can’t cope with your own feelings, then you can consider taking a break from the friendship. Sometimes, it seems to be the best option to back to normal. Explain everything to your friend and say that you need to stay alone, without any meetings, messages, or calls. Once you cool down your feelings, you can start seeing each other again.

Summing – up

Sex with a friend may have different consequences. Many stories prove that friendship is the best ground for a reliable and successful relationship as you know the person perfectly and do not draw any fantasies in your head. Along with this, sex can destroy your friendship forever. That’s why it is not recommended to take risks in case you are not sure about the feelings of another person. Weigh all pros and cons, think about two possible outcomes, and decide whether the game is worth candles in your particular situation.

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