Swingerslife: A Comprehensive Guide on Swingers


There is hardly a person in the whole world who has never heard about swingers, especially those who are interested in sexual experiments. But who are swingers? They are just like ordinary people who live different lives, belonging to different races and social classes: from office workers who are atheists to wealthy and devoted Christians. There is no link between them at all, except for sexual preferences and the desire for free entertainment. 

While most swingers are heterosexual, there are still gay and bisexual (or perhaps interested in bisexual experiences) swing couples. Most of the participants are between 30 and 50 years old (although now more and more young people start to discover this way of sexual intercourse), and many of them simply want to bring something new into their sexual life.Swingerslife has its own peculiarities that you should be aware of before getting involved. 

Swingerslife Style – Swing Types are Discussed

Once you have sex with a friend, you may be eager to go far beyond all frames. Swingers unite in various ways, which mainly differ in the level of contact between couples. These types of combinations come in three main types: light, close and open swing. Of course, there are no clearly defined boundaries between these species. Couples can combine and agree on them based on their wishes.

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Light swing

Light swing is a great way for you and your partner to get to know this lifestyle. It involves some couples having sex with others in the same place without directly touching anyone other than their partner. Basically, it means foreplay with others and intercourse with your primary partner in the same room with other couples. Penetration sex is only available to your partner. Oral sex is sometimes possible during foreplay, but this is usually discussed and agreed upon with everyone else. If all goes well, the couple may move on and experience other types of swing.

Close swing

Close swing is suitable for more experienced swingers. It allows for the attraction of one person or more who is (are) in another room (out of sight of your partner) and usually involves penetrating sex. This type of swing allows each partner to have free sex with others while keeping the primary relationship deeply personal. And for some, perhaps, the embodiment of fantasy is also a certain “disobedience”, because they are separated from their primary partner. Close swing is most commonly used at private parties and swinger clubs.

Open swing

Open swing or swing with unlimited partners change involves open switching from one partner to another, often in the same bed. Three, four, or more people can participate. This type is usually chosen by those couples who want to maintain contact with each other at all times. They do not set any rules, since there is no time to do this as only the clothes are taken off, and the event starts. In this case, it is especially important to articulate clearly the limits of what is permitted and say: “No!” For this reason, the open swing is only suitable for experienced swingers, as breaking agreements between primary partners (even unintentional ones) can cause jealousy and other unpleasant feelings.


Why Do People Decide to Try Swing?

Why do people decide to try swingerslife ? Let’s try to find it out. Below you can find a list of the most popular reasons:

 1.  Swing sex brings so much pleasure. Why deprive yourself of the joy of trying it with others just because the public morality established by others does not approve of it? If both partners agree that sex and love are two separate things, then it can be practiced without feeling any risk of monogamous love.

2.  The usual desire to have fun with like-minded people. Swingers tend to be very open-minded and non-judgmental, hence they are great friend candidates. A good swinger club is, first of all, a good social club, of course with extra benefits!

3.  Strong exhibitionistic needs. People with exhibitionistic needs usually have a lot of fun watching their partners or being the object of their observation and other people in intercourse with multiple partners.

4.  Desire to improve existing sexual relationships. People who seek diversity in their sex lives are often the first in line to try the swing. Some partners may need a new experience and not to lose the relationship, so the couple decides to try the swing. It may help refresh feelings and return passion.

5.  Attempt to prevent uncontrollable relationships. Some older people involve their younger partners in the swing so that they can have more sexual pleasure while being controlled by their primary partners. This allows them to prevent their partners from developing more dangerous, secret, and uncontrollable relationships.

Final Thoughts on Swingerslife

Some people like to swing from time to time, while others have it as a lifestyle. Actually, the list of reasons is endless. Despite why you decide to consider this sex type, be sure that your partner fully supports such an idea. Otherwise, you risk destroying your relationships and get not what you have expected. Be clear about why you want to become a swinger, and what rules you will establish.  This will help you and your partner decide what is best for you and not hurt your relationship.

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