Everything that You Need to Know About Tantric Sex Massage


Have you ever heard about a tantric sex massage? While it is quite a popular way to get unforgettable sexual satisfaction, not all people know all its peculiarities and have no idea about giving such a massage to the partner. It is high time to learn more about it!

What is Tantric Sex Massage?

Tantric sex massage is the accomplishment of tranquility and unwinding with a partner or alone. It incorporates physical practices, profound and enthusiastic parts, and is intended to help clear the mind and accomplish a condition of acknowledgment.

“Tantra isn’t something very similar for everybody, it’s a way of thinking of the presence at this very instant,” say tantric masters. “Orgasm is brilliant, yet it’s not the reason for Tantric sex massage, but quite a magnificent reward. Substantially more significant is the prolongation of personal practice and the regulation of intimate abilities.” The advantages of sex massage incorporate sexual endurance, relief from discomfort, and improved rest. If this is what you are looking for, then learn how to practice it.

Step-by-Step Guide on Tantric Sex Massage

Sensuousness, love, and lust are the special movements of each individual couple. This is why the perspectives of sex change under the influence of the identities of the lovers. Therefore, the manifestation of tantric sex can be replaced by spiritual sexuality. This requires more than ordinary sexual intercourse or rather taking into account many conditions. Here is how you can reach your goal:

1.  Set the right mood

Fix yourself to the correct mindset. Ensure you have sufficient opportunity to completely drench yourself in the delight. Switch off your telephones, and if you have neighbors, ensure they don’t meddle or occupy you. Furthermore, you don’t need to surge anyplace: no arrangements, film tickets, or earnest calls. Nothing murders sex more successfully than a flurry.

2.  Create a proper environment

Catch the state of mind. What encompasses you assumes no less part than the Sex Massage itself. Think about the air temperature, your appearance, sound, and indoor climate. Scented candles are extraordinary for making an erotic environment.

3.  Check the partner

Check out your accomplice or masseur. Attempt to get his/her attention and synchronize your relaxation. You should be on the same wavelength.

4.  Start the massage

Let your partner lie on the stomach. Make the oil warm with your grasp. Begin with the back, knead solidly towards the appendages. Envision how the progression of energy distributed around the body increases. Focus on zones that are typically not utilized during kneading: the stack of the toes, among the fingers, the rear of the hands. Recollect that this is a purposeful proceeding, so remember about your accomplice’s responses and the necessities of the body right now. Give a massage to the partner at least for 30 minutes.

5.  Increase intension

Begin kneading your partner’s erogenous zones: chest, inward thighs, however, stay away from the genital area. Don’t press. Attempt to shift back and forth between various touch styles. The way to Tantric sex massage is deferral and prolongation – there is no reason for getting the clitoris or penis immediately.

6.  Enjoy a culmination

Put one hand on the partner’s heart and the other on the intimate body parts. Begin at the crotch (situated amid the rear-end and the pussy/under the gonads), delicately, and gradually knead the zone with your fingertips. As soon as you realize that the partner is prepared, gently trace around the clitoris/glans, being sensitive to the way your partner’s body is responding. At the request, you can also perform an internal manipulation. When it’s over, hang about realizing and experiencing your emotions, share them with the fellow and listen carefully to the response.

Final Thoughts

On one hand, sex and your internal spirit have nothing in common, but on the other, they are absolutely inseparable in getting real pleasure. Sex is a heart-to-heart experience that creates a special bond amid playmates, even if only for a time. According to this, tantric games can be seen as a strong relationship on a spiritual level, when sexual satisfaction is available to both partners. You can combine tantric massage with a variety of sex types easily.  The most important thing is to make sure that another person wants the same.  If you have some hesitations, find time to talk about sex with your partner and clarify everything at once. Take advantage of tantric sex massage not only to get orgasm but to become closer, learn to listen to your partner, and have a great time together.

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