What Turns Men On? A Guide on the Way of Discovering Your Sexuality

what turns men on

According to stereotypes, women perceive male sexuality in a complex way, while men focus more on individual points – chest, buttocks, and waist. And they say that men are greedy for the notorious 90/60/90. But this is debatable. In a girl, in addition to the image as a whole, nuances are especially attractive. Dimples, curves, movements, gestures, looks, manner of speaking or laughing – these are the features that catch the male instinct and make a woman sexy, which excites men.

What turns men on sexually? Men primarily love with their eyes, and this is a fact. It is the appearance of the girl that attracts the attention of the guys. Therefore, men’s periodicals are full of photographs of female graces with a minimum amount of clothing, or even completely naked. But what can we say, if the very thought of a naked female breast excites the opposite sex… And the fair sex knows this phenomenon of male attraction thoroughly. Therefore they often wear blouses with an indecently deep neckline, skirts that barely cover the ass, and tight-fitting trousers or tops that expose the stomach. Under all this, an exciting male eye is hidden, erotic underwear.

But not only clothes saturate the male libido. According to the statistics, feeling desired is what turns on men the most. What else could make them excited? Read on and you will be surprised.

😍 What Turns Men on the Most? Reveal All the Secrets of Being Desirable

When we first start dating, we study our partner like leafing through a book, page by page. Gradually we learn what excites a man the most: what words, smells, body images. How to decipher these signs and better understand your loved one?

What Turns Men on the Most

👄 Words and beautiful speech

Everyone knows that “women love with their ears”, but how are things with men? What turns men on the most sexually? Words are just the secret ingredient that can spice up a night of love, or… spoil everything. Pay attention to what expressions turn on a man: affectionate, romantic, or he prefers hotter phrases. So you will learn all about his fantasies and images of the unconscious.

Listen to the phrases that your partner says in bed. And you will understand what excites a man, in what way he represents you today: a gentle cat or an imperious mistress. You might want to support this game.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Spontaneous petting

They are excited by the mere thought of spontaneous sex. And not necessarily with a random partner. Unexpected and unplanned sex enhances the sensations of a man during intercourse at least three times. The feeling that you can be “noted” makes the adrenaline go off-scale.

Caresses in a car, on a train, in nature, and even in an elevator will help not only diversify your sex life but also return your desire in a matter of seconds. Do not be afraid to seem too depraved – men love it when a woman crosses the usual boundaries in sex.

💫 Scents

What turns most men on? It’s no secret that each of us has a different body scent. And if the partner does not suit you by smell, then it will be difficult to maintain such a relationship, it is unlikely that it will last long. Excites partners not only the smell of the body but also personal sexual associations that are associated with “the best sex in life.” For example, it may be the smell of hay, if the associations bring us back to unforgettable sex in the field; or the smell of the sea associated with a night of love on the beach.

What perfume turns men on? Perfumers offer us aphrodisiacs and other fragrances, the trends for which change every season. Most men turn on expensive fresh fragrances with a hint of piquancy. They allow you to experiment and add moments of intimacy with new accents.

Cute female anger

Have you ever wondered why, after a loud quarrel or scandal, such bright and intense sex is sure to follow? There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but every woman has heard the phrase “You are so beautiful when you are angry”. So just remember: the unusual thing that turns men on is female anger.

😚 Whisper in his ear

What turns older men on? If you want to be heard, speak quietly. An intimate whisper acts magically on men. And if you tell about your secret desires, a man is unlikely to resist you and immediately go to fulfill them. So whispering can be a reliable tool to achieve your desires.

Girl’s morning stretches in bed

Another unexpectedly exciting thing for guys was morning stretching in bed. Psychologists explained it this way: Men in love like to see their woman cozy and fragile. At this moment, the reflex to protect and possess is triggered. Therefore, carefree sipping in bed with him can lead to morning sex. Moreover, he will be turned on, even if you are not in sexy lingerie, but in ordinary pajamas or a stretched T-shirt.

🔞 What Turns Men on in Bed? Top Tricks to Improve Your Sexual Life

It is said that women in men are excited by one organ – the brain. But men have different triggers for arousal, and it’s not always red lipstick. What then? Now you will know. In fact, male arousal lies in deeper planes, even if you always thought otherwise. Alluring lace, red lipstick, high heels – heavy artillery with which a woman tries to conquer a man. But it’s not about them at all, and most men flare up from other things. Here are 8 tips for you.

 What Turns Men on in Bed

🙊 Role variety

Men are often credited with hunting instincts, which are virtually impossible to realize in a long-term stable relationship. Therefore, it is important for a woman to remain different in order to stir up the interest of her partner and arouse the desire to learn, to achieve it again and again.

🙊 Prelude

It is generally accepted that a man is always ready for sex – but this is a myth. Stress, difficulties at work, a frantic pace, and responsibility can negatively affect a man’s libido. Therefore, before sex, it also needs to be “warmed up”. What turns men on? Sexual correspondence during the day, erotic massage, massage, and an exciting environment will be excellent preparation for a partner before sex and will increase his arousal at times.

🙊 Initiative

What turns on men the most? Every male hunter wants to know when it is possible to switch places with his partner. And it’s a fact: men are equally excited by the prospect of conquering a woman and being conquered by her. According to statistics, more than 80% of men expect activity from a partner. Therefore, a self-confident woman who does not hesitate to initiate sex and boldly claims orgasms will always cause passion in her partner.

🙊 The emancipation of a woman

Men just go crazy if a woman is not shy about being active in sex. They like to watch her caress herself and thereby show him her erogenous places. Such a sensual journey inflames them.

What turns on men the most

🙊 Real orgasms

It’s an objective myth that for men above all – his own pleasure. What turns men on most? In truth, it is insanely important for them to know that their partner is also pleased that she is satisfied. It was he who was able to guarantee her a bright ending of sex. That’s why real orgasms without simulation are what makes a man’s libido sparkle.

🙊 Development in sex

Men love variety, especially if it comes from their partner. So you don’t need to stop in intimate progress: start using new techniques, experimenting for your own and his pleasure.

🙊 G-spot massage

What turns men on during sex? A hidden tactile area that you can find between a man’s dignity and his anus. Vigorous rubbing of this zone makes male orgasms deep and powerful. So you can watch video instructions on how to do such a massage correctly, and your man will be delighted.

🙊 Borrowing his wardrobe

A man simply ignites when a woman changes into his clothes. A female figure, over which a man’s shirt is thrown, feeds his sexual fantasy. Feel free to wear his things and you will look very attractive in his eyes.

💋 What Turns Men on Visually? 10 Things That Make Guys Crazy

We used to believe that men are turned on only by such platitudes as striptease or beautiful lingerie. But it turned out that you can seduce with completely unexpected and simple things.

Women’s sexuality in the eyes of men is not the same as the ladies themselves see it. It turned out that men are excited even from a slightly untidy sleepy appearance of the chosen one or in unexpected situations, when, for example, a couple quarrels. What other surprises does the male libido present and what can make a partner want a woman in everyday life?

 What Turns Men on Visually

Tasty silhouette

First of all, men look at the silhouette of a woman. A glance from the back is enough to appreciate its attractiveness – the elegance of the figure, curves, and roundness. Also, a significant role is played by the ratio of the volumes of the hips, waist, and chest.

Sexy lips

They excite and provoke us to think about a kiss. Despite the fact that most men like plump lips, they should look natural. Silicone is almost always noticeable, and repels rather than attracts.

As for lipstick, bright colors should be in place. It is unlikely that someone will like to wash, and even more so, eat lipstick from their lips. It is better to choose a neutral shade or even a colorless gloss balm – the main thing is how the lips look without anything. They should be well-groomed, and soft.

Sparkling eyes

With just a glance, a woman can attract the attention of a man, without saying a word. Having met his eyes, then looking away embarrassedly and coquettishly, and repeating the same thing in a minute, you will definitely charm him! And it doesn’t matter what eye color you have and whether you have makeup on.

Shiny hair

Incredible hairstyles, boyish hairstyles, blue hair, pink hair, etc. are extremes. Extremes speak of problems with self-sufficiency. Men like light, soft, pleasantly smelling hair. And it doesn’t matter if you are a brunette or a blonde, you have curls or straight hair – naturalness and naturalness are above all.

What Turns Men on Visually

Women’s small belly

Are you still torturing your abs by hitting the gym several times a week to flatten your tummy? Maybe stop now. Studies have shown that sometimes the imperfection of a partner excites a man even more than “flat and perfect” bodies. All felt-tip pens are different in taste and color, but a small, soft tummy is able to strike most men on the spot. One of the reasons is that when seeing him, it is easier to relate to his own complexes, therefore, more is revealed in bed, which is why sex becomes brighter.

🍑 Small breasts

The porn industry imposes the opinion that men always like large female breasts. Actually, this is not true. Again, the things that lead to arousal are different for each man. However, studies and surveys have shown that a are more concerned about tactile sensations. And it is the breasts of medium or small size that more often boast elasticity and a beautiful shape.

Female tender neck and shoulders

Men love an open neck and shoulders. These are very feminine parts of the body. And that seductive gesture, when a girl, as if by chance, straightens and raises her hair, just drives a man crazy.

👙 Attractive underwear

Hearts, sequins, and bows on shorts are pretty cute, no one argues.  What turns men on reddit? It is lace underwear that excites and exacerbates sexuality. Red sets are considered the most seductive and passionate, but black and white underwear is practically equivalent to them, from the point of view of men. Beige, green, gray, and all sorts of pastel colors are much less interesting. Of course, style is important. Stockings, garter belts, and transparent details will seduce and turn anyone.

What turns men on reddit

💌 Intimate chat

Intimate SMS correspondence can make a man think only about you all day. By writing to him about your sexual desires, you will instantly activate the male sexual fantasy, thereby prompting him to meet you as soon as possible. So fantasize and flirt with him via text if you want him to think about you all day long.

Pleasant voice

It is important not only what a woman says, but also how she does it. First of all, men perceive the timbre, and only then – the meaning of what was said. Soft, gentle voices excite them the most.

🍓 Conclusion

It would seem that everything is simple … dress beautifully, learn to flirt, work on your figure, and voice, choose the perfect perfume, and men will be drawn to you like a magnet! Definitely, there will be more of them, but in the future, sexuality and spectacular appearance alone will not be enough. Who will be interested in a beautiful, but boring and dull girl?

The path of a real woman – happy, understanding, and cheerful is much more interesting. This requires constant improvement, effort, determination, and the ability to leave the comfort zone in order to be realized in life, love, and relationships.

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