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How to Clean Sex Toys: Effective Ways Of Cleaning and Disinfection

If you are wondering how to clean sex toys and prolong their lifespan, this article will come in handy. Our team compiled the best tips and recommendations on cleaning and disinfecting sex devices, so you can delve into your next kinky game without any hassle. As the statistics say, the sex toy market grows every single year, so it’s no wonder that you may have a couple of devices up your sleeves to spice up your sex sessions. Keep reading to learn more about sex toy hygiene, proper cleaning, and maintenance to have a safe and exciting experience every single time you use it. 

How to Properly Clean Sex Toys? – Why Should You Actually Do It?

Before learning how to clean silicone sex toys, you will need to find an additional dose of motivation to do it. If you are still hesitating about whether you can do it every time you use it, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main reasons for that. 

  • âś… Getting rid of bodily fluids. Failing to clean any residual bodily fluids from the surface of your device creates an environment that is vulnerable to microorganisms’ growth. By disinfecting your devices, you eliminate dangerous microorganisms that could lead to infections and the growth of bacteria within your body.
  • âś… Reducing the risk of infections after interacting with a partner. Whether you use devices shared with your partner, the topic of how to clean sex toys after STD is a must to learn. Proper hygiene practices help drastically reduce the chances of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and safeguard the health of both partners.
  • âś… Extending the lifespan of your sex props. Caring for your toys appropriately ensures their long-lasting operation and your continued satisfaction. Accumulated materials on the surface can gradually break the toy, especially if it is made of materials like wood or silicone.
  • âś… Building confidence for future sessions. Regularly disinfecting your toys creates a higher level of confidence in having a safe experience during your next sexual venture. Therefore, you can completely dive into the world of sex games rather than thinking about additional protection.

Methods on How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys Revealed

Sex toys are typically made from materials such as silicone, wood, metal, and plastic, which provide favorable surroundings for various bacteria to thrive. By keeping abreast of an effective cleaning routine, you can preserve the good condition of your device, ensuring both its sanitation and top-class sensations during your intimate sessions.

It is essential to clean your toys after each use to eliminate any bacteria that may be present, particularly if you have first-time sex in a new relationship or casual encounter. Otherwise, you can create a favorable environment for sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Try to prioritize sterility to protect yourself from the negative aftermath of infections such as chlamydia, herpes, or urinary tract infections that can result from using unclean sex toys.

Once you discover these efficient methods of cleaning silicone sex toys, you can easily disinfect your collection of kinky devices and concentrate on your pleasure without concerns about their sterility. Also, learn some do’s and don’ts of toy cleaning to avoid common mistakes. 

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Consider the material of your toy before cleaning 

If you want to know how to clean anal sex toys, you will need to pay attention to the material of your device (even before you make a purchase). Therefore, you can find the most suitable approach for sanitization which will allow you to get the best results. Here are some guidelines for different materials:

  • Silicone. If you don’t have a specialized toy cleaner, wash silicone toys with warm water and gentle soap liquid. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants as they can damage the toy’s texture.
  • TPE, TPR, and rubber. These porous materials require special treatment and more deeper cleaning due to their ability to absorb bacteria. I would recommend opting for a professionally-designed cleaning liquid for a particular type of surface.
  • Metal/glass/hard plastic. These materials are robust enough to withstand sturdier cleaning. You can use brushes or similar tools along with mild soap and warm water for effective cleaning.
  • Wooden materials. Cleaning wooden devices is a relatively delicate process. It is best to refer to the toy’s manual for specific instructions. If no guidelines are available, use a damp serviette to rub and polish the toy, and try to avoid excessive moisture.

Be cautious with toys that come with batteries

Those devices that include the battery in the kit require a special approach. Aside from removing the battery before the cleaning procedure, you will need to avoid immersing the toy in the water. It isn’t only dangerous, but it can result in spoiling the device. While it seems obvious, make sure your device isn’t connected to the electric plug since it can lead to a real life-threatening condition. If you want to know how to clean silicone sex toys with batteries, just use a wet towel without fibers. 

To determine whether your sex device is water-resistant, I would advise you to consult the product kit or take a peek at the device manual online. This will provide you with specific details on whether the toy is labeled as water-resistant and safe to get wet. Understanding this classification is crucial as it indicates a measure of water vapor the toy can handle without compromising its functionality or safety. By taking note of this information, you can ensure that you clean your sex toy in a way that aligns with its water resistance capabilities and take care of your own well-being.

Opt for the right type of soap

Suffice it to say, a wet towel or just water isn’t sufficient for removing the bodily fluids and potential bacteria from the device you usually penetrate in the vagina or anus. That is why it is advisable to choose the right type of soap since not all liquid detergents are compatible with silicon or wood. The soaps you usually buy in the market typically include harsh elements, perfumed liquids, and materials that may irritate the skin, not to say about genitals. 

Don’t be confused with intimate soaps since they usually have glycerin in their content. Individuals who are infected with candida may degrade their conditions while interacting with such elements. Some washes may contain surfactants. Those people who are vulnerable to rashes and irritations can hardly tolerate such soaps. Overall, it is best to choose a natural soap without artificial chemicals. Moreover, it is necessary to carefully clean the device with water to remove soap foam. 

Carefully dry your sex toy and store it properly 

To ensure appropriate storage for your sex props, it is essential to create a dry environment. The first step is to dry the toy completely. To achieve optimal hygiene and prevent the accumulation of extra fibers on the surface, I would recommend taking advantage of a clean paper napkin or a non-shedding fabric. A fluffy towel isn’t an option since it may leave a trace of fibers. Nobody wants to have irritative sensations because of the small particles of fabric on the surface. Additionally, storage conditions are essential for the longevity of your device for kinky games. It is advisable to keep it in a dehydrated environment to prevent any moisture damage. Using a plastic box for storage can be an effective option to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the toy.

How to Сlean Your Sex Toys: Which Type of Cleaning to Choose?

Suffice it to say, you can perform either surface or a deep cleaning of your toy. So, if you want to explore how to deep clean sex toys or whether surface cleaning is enough, this scheme will certainly come in handy. The processes of the surface and deep sanitizing include:

Dealing with surface 🤗Dealing with deep cleaning 🤗
Avoid solutions that contain chemicals. Use castile soap instead. If it is allowed in the manual, boil your sex toy for 3-5 minutes. 
Opt for tissue paper or non-fiber fabric to dry your devices. Proceed with bleaching to achieve a higher level of sterilization. 
Take advantage of the dedicated solutions for cleaning compatible with your toy. In case it is allowed, put your device in the dishwasher for disinfection.
Specifically-designed liquids for deep cleaning will result in killing bacteria. 

What is the Best Cleaning Way to Opt For?

While the basic concepts of cleaning sex toys are covered below, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the best and most efficient outcome. However, following these general steps will ensure a thorough and proper cleaning process, even at home:

  1. Begin by removing any excess materials from the surface of the toy through surface cleaning.
  2. Disinfect the toy to eliminate bacteria and create a more hygienic environment.
  3. Consider sterilizing your sex toy to eliminate all potential bacteria and infections.

Remember that these cleaning methods are particularly crucial when sharing your sex toy with a partner or engaging in both vaginal and anal activities, though it is not advisable to mix ones in one session. By following these steps, you can maintain a high level of cleanliness and prioritize your sexual health and comfort in your genitals.

Summing up

While the subject of cleaning sex toys may not be extensively discussed among kinky game seekers, it is necessary to consider your own and your partner’s safety. Treating sex toys with care, just like any other product, will give you more benefits than you may think. Proper cleaning is a vital aspect of maintaining sex toys, as it promotes their functionality and long-lasting functioning. Additionally, regular cleaning helps prevent the transmission of STIs and other dangerous bacteria. By making disinfection a routine part of your device maintenance, you will achieve the best experience possible from your sex session.

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