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How to French Kiss?—Popular Techniques, Tips, and Hacks 

Learning how to french kiss is a perfect way to spice up your intimate life with your partner and trigger sensitive erogenous zones to derive the most out of your experience. Did you know that tongue touching contributes to boosting endorphins in the body and eliminating stress levels? These are only some advantages of French kissing. Whether you are an aspiring kisser or a pro, getting a deeper look at the basic techniques will come in handy. Scroll down to learn top tips before your next kissing journey. 

What Is a French Kiss?—The Meaning Outlined

A French kiss is also known as a deep kiss, tongues touching or a kiss with tongues is a sexual practice that involves two partners stimulating their tongues to deliver mutual intimate satisfaction towards each other. The incorporation of lips and tongue into a kiss process is a powerful catalyzation to sexual arousal. That is why people often start with kissing before sexual intercourse. The concept of how to French kiss was established in the US. American people believed that French culture is more emancipated and open to new exciting intimate experiences. 

How to French Kiss Tutorial: Take Full Advantage of Your Intimate Ventures   

Whether you want to find out how to French kiss someone for the first time or you just want to hone your skills, learning the basics will be beneficial for your ventures. Do you want to provoke exciting sensations in your partner? Or do you want to have sex with a friend or stranger? Regardless of your intentions, you will start your journey by kissing. Learn how to french kiss and good luck with your sexual goals. 

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Prepare in advance

Preparation means a lot in learning how to french kiss better. Before approaching your partner, make sure your lips are soft and pleasant to kiss. Although it is not the sexiest tip, this factor is a must to consider. If you have dry and chapped lips, use lip balm regularly to keep your lips soft. 

When partners are talking to each other, it makes sense to maintain eye contact. If you are in the mood, just switch your haze from the eyes to the lips of your partner. Thus, your sweetheart will quickly understand what you have in mind and will know what to prepare for.

Before you start massaging partner’s tongue with your tongue, it would be a good idea to warm up. Tilt your head slightly to the side so that your noses don’t touch each other. Then gently pinch your partner’s upper lip with your lips for a few seconds, then do the same with the lower lip. 

Use your tongue

Incorporate your tongue into the action. Avoid making your tongue flat like in pussy eating since French kissing implies absolutely different movements. Once both partners squeeze their lips, they will need to tilt their heads a little more and open their mouths so that they can massage each other’s lips and tongues. 

It is advisable to use light pressure at first and then make it deeper or softer. Everything depends on your preferences. Just try not to let your tongue get too deep into your partner’s mouth, otherwise, it might not be very comfortable for both of you. By understanding how to adjust pressure, you will certainly learn how to french kiss like a professional. 

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Play around with your partner 

When practicing French kissing with your partner, you can do the following manipulations:

  • make a slow circular motion with your tongue around your partner’s tongue;
  • slowly and gently press your partner’s tongue with your tongue;
  • gently lick the lips of your sweetheart to bring more sensations into the action. 

You can switch between these techniques to jazz up your session and provoke a higher level of arousal. 

Know when to pull back

One of the most essential how to french kiss instructions is to end the process slowly.  

When you want to end the kiss, the easiest thing to do is to simply pull away from your partner, but this will be too abrupt. You can stop moving your tongue and return to the lips again, squeeze them with your lips, just as you do at the very beginning. You can also stay playful and do short kisses with your lips or lick the lips with your tongues. Everything depends on a particular situation because you will never know where your kissing scene will lead to.  

Additional tips to know 

There are two things to keep in mind when learning how to french kiss a girl for the first time. The first is the hands. It is obvious that you can just hug your partner and that’s it. Nevertheless, you can do a lot of other enjoyable things.

First, you can stroke the body of your partner. Don’t stop there. Walk through the hair. The back of the head is the most sensitive part of the body and one of the erogenous zones. Gently scratch the back of your partner’s head and enjoy the process to the fullest.

According to how to french kiss step by step video, a very sexy and dominant option is to take your partner’s face in your hands during a kiss. Keep in mind that the slower your movements are, the sexier the action is. A slow French kiss is much more exciting than sharp and inconsistent movements. 

Summing Up

If you are still wondering how to french kiss someone more effectively, you can use the above-mentioned tips and proceed with practice. Don’t be afraid of experiments. Let your imagination run wild and listen to the body language of your partner. Communication is also an essential factor in how to french kiss with tongue. If you like the way your partner pleases you during the action, just let them know about this. If you are really into improving some aspects of your kissing sessions, just discuss and compromise. French kissing is like art, and you can master it only when practicing. 

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