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Female U Spot—Find The New Way To Achieve Pleasure 

If you want to kickstart your sizzling journey and open up new horizons in sex, you will certainly need to discover more about female U spot. You might know what G spot is and where it is located, but you will hardly know about the U spot. Based on the orgasm statistics, only 18,4% of women have vaginal orgasms alone. Fortunately, it is possible to change this situation by encouraging U spot in female in the action. So what is it and how to achieve pleasure from stimulating it? Discover all the nuances and sex opportunities below. 

What is the Female U Spot and How to Stimulate It?

The U spot is located around the urethra, slightly below the clitoris. It is considered to be one of the erogenous zones in females. It is named U spot because you can find it next to the urethral opening. You can activate the sensations in female woman U spot using sex props and devices. Licks, finger taps, vibrators, and strokes are just some of them. Aside from achieving orgasm, the stimulation of this area can promote squirting in females. However, here everything depends on the physical attributes of a particular woman. 

Considering the fact that the female U spot location is near the clitoris and vagina, it is obvious that there are a lot of sensitive nerve endings near it. While being the most sensitive area of your body, you can use it to provoke exciting sensations or pain, or even both. Everything depends on your preferences and sexual desires. It is possible to stimulate the U spot during the pussy eating process or traditional sex. The main thing is to find it and use the right movements. Here are the top tips that will allow you to make the most out of your sexual experience.  

Start with applying water-based lubricants

Actually, incorporating water-based lubes into your sex journeys may allow you to avoid vaginal irritation. Moreover, you can relax during the masturbation process which helps get to the female U spot faster and more effectively. Before you start exploring this area to the fullest, make sure you have applied the lubricant to both the vulva and vagina. Gentle movements with lube allow you to experience extraordinary sensations whether you are using a penis, sex device, or fingers. 

If you incorporate a toy into the action, make sure it is compatible with a lube in order not to damage a device or provoke irritation. Use as much lubricant as you need. You can also reapply it to make the touches even more gliding. Here it is necessary to rely on individual sensations and attributes. Nevertheless, you will need to continuously replenish the supplies of lubes to have consistent and prolonged sessions. 

Use different positions to spice up your game

Experimenting with different poses during the female U spot stimulation may result in a more vibrant experience and unforgettable sensations. From a coital position to a scissor sexual position — just let your imagination run wild while being involved in the intimate activity. 

It is only up to you how long your session will be, so you can try multiple positions during your game. If you stimulate your U spot with your partner, feel free to try the following sex poses:

  • The soft serve
  • Girl on fire
  • G-whiz
  • The snake
  • Reverse scoop
  • Gee, cowgirl
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Urinate after exploring the female U spot location

It is a must rule after touching the female A U G spot in order to eliminate the risk of infection. This area is super sensitive and it is necessary to follow particular rules to avoid bacterial infection. That is why it is necessary to urinate just after the session. The thing is that the U spot female is located very closely between the urethra and the anus which can result in entering bacteria from the GI tract to the urinary tract. So, if there is any kind of potential bacteria on the sex device, finger, or penis, it can easily penetrate your urethra, so it is necessary to stimulate the U spot wisely. A top tip is to drink a glass of water right before the session to make sure you can pee after you finish your sex game.  

Advantages of U Area Stimulation

Before taking a deep dive into your new sex journey, it is worth analyzing all the benefits of your experience. So, the U area stimulation may bring the following advantages into your sexual life:

  1. You can refresh your relationships by trying new sexual activities with your partner.
  2. There is a high chance to experience a vibrant gamma of emotions during the session.
  3. It is possible to boost the confidence of both partners by achieving orgasm once playing with the U spot.
  4. The U area stimulation is a perfect way to jazz up your intimacy, even if you do it alone. 

How to Achieve the Best Experience When Exploring the U Spot Female?

Once you learn how to find the female U spot and how to better touch it, you will need to make the most out of your gameplay. This is where you will need to explore more information about its stimulation. These tips will allow you to make things work for you and make your sex journey as exciting as possible. 

  1. Make sure your movements are super gentle. Once you stroke and tap the area near the U spot, make sure you do it tenderly. This area is too sensitive to touch rudely. However, you can experiment with pressure to experience new sensations. 
  2. Ask your partner to stimulate the female U spot diagram during oral sex. In this case, the 69 position will work best for you. However, it is advisable to refrain from sucking and persistent pressing since it may result in pain. 
  3. Incorporate a toy into your gameplay. Use the tender vibrator with soft touches to avail of extraordinary sensations. The experts recommend choosing finger or clitorial vibrators to activate the U spot area and achieve a pleasurable sex experience.  
  4. Rub the vulva with your partner’s penis or dildo. Once a penis or dildo penetrates the vaginal hole, it is necessary to move it up and down. This is the best way to reach your U spot and take full sensual advantage of its stimulation. 
  5. Talk to your partner. The best way to achieve fantastic pleasure and reach the heights is to talk to your partner during the session. Thus, it is possible to effectively adjust the motion, avoid pain, and feel enjoyable sensations. You can express your emotions by moaning or just directing your partner with words. 
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How to Reach Climax While Encouraging the U Spot into the Game?

It goes without saying that a woman can experience amazing sensations when touching and teasing her U spot. Nevertheless, aspiring explorers of this area may wonder whether it is possible to achieve orgasm during stimulation. The answer is yes, but all females are different. While one woman needs several minutes and soft touches to reach the heights, another lady may ask for more pressure and a drawn-out session. One more aspect that affects orgasm during the female U spot stimulation is the props you use. Typically, the combination of penis penetration and finger touches may bring wow results. 

The area between the urethra and anus in women is extremely delicate. As you can see in the female u spot images, the exploration of this area requires a particular approach in order to avoid painful sensations. Nevertheless, once you do everything correctly and apply the right lube, a woman will be blown away by the first-class climax. Even though touching the U zone doesn’t result in an orgasm, you can always finish the action by teasing the clitoris. All you need is to listen to your body and talk to your partner. Also, practice makes perfect, and each subsequent session may be better than the previous one. 

Summing Up

There are numerous discussions about the U spot in female reproductive system among both men and women. Some people consider its stimulation as a perfect way to spice up their sex life while others are all about exploring the possibilities of their bodies. Anyway, the tissue near the female’s urethra is infused with multiple sensitive nerves that can deliver exciting sensations while activating them. 

Not all women can experience orgasm during the U spot stimulation. Nevertheless, this experience is certainly worth trying. Aside from achieving a new sex experience, you can explore absolutely different sensations during the sex activity. And who knows where they can lead to. Incorporate the female U spot teasing into your intimacy routine and open up new horizons of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. 

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