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Submissive Wife: 10 Indicators and Traits Explained

While choosing to be temporarily submissive can be a personal decision, being labeled as a submissive wife suggests a constant desire to follow your partner’s needs. This can be indicative of underlying issues such as low self-worth, insecurity, or other problems within love affairs. So, what lies behind the concept of a submissive wife? I provided thorough research on the meaning and characteristics of an obedient partner to determine the main signs of a submissive wife. Moreover, I explored the potential impact it can have on the well-being and the dynamics of the relationship. Scroll down the article to take a deeper peek into the matter. 

Submissive Wife Meaning—The Definition Explained

What does submissive wife mean? As per the Oxford Dictionary, submission refers to the act or state of acknowledging and yielding to a superior force or the will and authority of another individual. Aside from being a woman who puts great effort out of love for her husband, a submissive wife often thrives in mutual respect, and always puts her husband first. Moreover, such women often sacrifice their feelings and self-worth for the sake of their relationships. 

Paul Newman has one of the longest marriages in Hollywood, and when questioned about the key to his long marriage, he answered, “If I wanted to go to the East Coast, my wife would do her best to relocate there.” We’d relocate to the West Coast if I wanted us to.” In essence, his wife displayed a readiness to yield to his husband’s desires, emphasizing the value of compromise and accommodation in their relationship.

To define submissive wife, it is worth taking into account what the real people say. Based on the Quora Digests, some of the things that a submissive wife does to her partner may include:

  • She has a profound respect for her spouse, highlighting his authority and cheerfully following his orders.
  • According to the submissive wife rules, she freely offers her physical intimacy to satisfy his husband’s wishes, making time for him and preferring his pleasure over her own.
  • A homemade submissive wife maintains open and effective communication with her spouse, providing a trusting and transparent relationship in which no secrets are hidden.
  • She sacrifices her dignity by acting in accordance with her husband’s guidelines, ensuring that her activities do not cause him shame.
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10 Signs of a Sexually Submissive Wife

Compromise-friendly nature and the ability to adjust to your relationships can contribute to healthy love affairs. However, excessive submission may cause harm to the relationships and the overall well-being of the couple. So, what does it mean to be a submissive wife? Check out 10 signs of such a partner and take this information at hand while determining whether you or your partner express additional levels of submission. 

A submissive wife always follows his husband

Regardless of the situation, an obedient partner always acts as a follower in relationships. She will honor all requests from her partner, even if they infringe on her pride and self-esteem. Such situations may apply to household chores, everyday activities, and even intimacy. Moreover, there may be submissive wife punishments in relationships when a spouse refrains from her usual obedient behavior. 

Indirect expressions of aggression and opposition

One of the characteristics of a submissive wife is demonstrating passive-aggressive tendencies while being committed to a partner. While suppressing desires and opinions, it’s worth mentioning that these feelings do not simply disappear. Consequently, the main signs of obedient behavior may involve indirectly expressing negative emotions, as they remain present despite her efforts to comply with them. Suffice it to say, it is unnatural behavior that may result in psychological problems and toxic relationships. 

Providing justifications for their partner’s actions

The best way to recognize the submissive slutty wife is to find out how she justifies the unhealthy actions of her partner. Whether her husbands underestimate her actions or have offensive behavior, a submissive woman will always find justifications for such deeds. In such cases, a wife always demonstrates kindness to her partner instead of having a constructive discussion. Even though being kind is a good personality trait, it is usually strange when a person showcases understanding when her partner hurts her. 

Demonstrating an additional dose of dependency

One of the most vibrant rules for submissive wife is to show off the dependency in love affairs. Such women often strongly overlap with codependence. They often feel a lack of their partners in both physical and mental aspects. In times of difficulty or uncertainty, she may want tremendous emotional support and validation from her spouse, relying on them to provide comfort and reassurance. While it may seem convenient for a dominant partner, it is always destructive for those who are dependent. 

A decreased level of self-worth 

Whether a lady is involved in traditional bonds or daddy-dom relationships, she will demonstrate a low level of self-worth and confidence. Such women often allow their partners to dictate how to live or behave in different situations. They typically suppress their own needs and emotions, prioritizing the desires and emotions of their husbands instead. The consequences of low self-esteem may be different — starting from the lack of personal fulfillment and ending with feelings of resentment and frustration. 

Demonstrating an unnatural body language

The human body can reveal numerous hidden aspects of the emotional state of affairs, whether it refers to the dominant wife submissive husband, or vice versa. When it comes to the woman’s subservient position in relationships, it can be recognized by her deferential body language, which includes bent shoulders and a muted demeanor. These traits add to the view of her as always serving and bowing to the wants of others, reflecting a servant-like role.

An increased level of self-doubt and insecurity

A submissive wife often feels an additional level of doubt, especially when it comes to intimacy and sex. This may lead to substantial disbalance in the sexual desires and goals of both partners. In this case, you should discover how to talk about sex with your partner to get both of you to get relaxed. In order to eliminate the insecurity, it is necessary to challenge negative thoughts and practice self-care. If a woman can’t focus on the positive and understand the underlying factors of her insecurity, it is an obvious sign of a submissive wife. 

A submissive wife allows manipulating her 

Another aspect of submissiveness is the fact that a woman allows for extra manipulations from the side of her partner. Starting from unnatural requests and ending with shakedowns — such behavior of her partner becomes normal in relationships. In such bonds, a woman plays a victim and achieves satisfaction. This can result in a sense of dependency and reliance on the submissive wife’s approval.

Too quiet to be natural 

Submissive wives don’t usually provoke yelling bouts and remain quiet even in the most piquant situations. They are all about compliance and never enter discussions with their partners. Such women do their household chores, prepare dinner for their significant others, build their careers, and solve their problems by themselves, remaining silent, obedient and constantly smiling. 

Feeling guilty

Another prominent characteristic of being a submissive wife is a demonstration of guilt-tripping. Experiencing guilt is typically uncomfortable and can potentially lead to negative psychological outcomes such as depression, which is a common negative consequence of being too obedient in relationships. 

Submissive Wife Training: Pros & Cons

One of the most essential factors of a submissive wife guide to marriage is to learn all the advantages and disadvantages of this notion. 

✅ Pros:

  • Determined roles and expectations. The submissive wife may adhere to established gender norms, giving the love affairs an additional dose of clarity.
  • Harmonious dynamic in relationships. When one spouse takes on a more subservient position, the partnership might gain harmony and balance, if both partners find a consensus on this point.
  • Increased emphasis on partner’s needs. The submissive wife’s major focus is on addressing the wants of her partner, which can generate a sense of ideal family life.
  • Security and additional control. Based on the submissive wife blog on Reddit, the dominating partner may feel secure and in charge of the relationship since their desires and preferences are prioritized.

❌ Cons:

  • Lack of ambition. The submissive woman makes her man a leader in relationships. Due to the absence of their own ambitions, such women may lose the sense of their lives. 
  • Limited chances to make their own choices. The submissive woman may have restricted decision-making flexibility and autonomy, which may lead to emotions of being suppressed and further unhappiness.
  • Personal fulfillment. Suppressing one’s own needs and desires can lead to a lack of personal fulfillment and self-expression.
  • Potential for bitterness. The submissive wife may develop resentment or unhappiness as a result of always placing her partner’s wants over her own.

Submissive Wife Stories & Behavior Styles

Numerous women want to preserve harmony and prioritize the well-being of their families. That is why they often adopt the role of a submissive wife, even without suspecting it. Fortunately, you don’t need to read the entire “How to be a submissive wife” book to recognize the possible behaviors of a submissive wife since I compiled the most common of them in one place. 

How to Be a Submissive Wife?—Tips to Incorporate in Relationships 

Would you like to discover more rules for a submissive wife? Then these tips will certainly come in handy. Whether you consider yourself to be a submissive wife or you have the typical lady by your side, you can boost your love affairs by following these expert recommendations. 

Tips for a submissive wife👰Tips for a dominant partner 🧔
Take care of yourself and prioritize self-awareness regardless of which kind of partner is by your side. Don’t command to be submissive to wife. It should be her own decision to obey. 
If a husband values your boundaries and limitations, show off respect for this.  Demonstrate respect and value for the boundaries of your partner. 
Make your partner feel good and listen to his requests. They do not always appear demanding. Often discuss your expectations and desires in your love affairs. 
Consent is essential in any relationship, so feel free to discuss this point. Make sure you have the same goals in relationships. 
Don’t be afraid to express your emotions and desires. It may make your connection even stronger. Treat your submissive partner fairly and avoid manipulations.  

In order to have a healthy and fulfilling submissive wife relationship, both partners must maintain continual communication, trust, and consent. Each couple should develop their own set of standards and boundaries that are tailored to their specific requirements and wants.

Submissive Wife Videos and Real Stories

Have a look at the real stories of submissive wives. They will certainly help you to answer the question “What is a submissive wife?”. If you are a woman, you can get inspired by these stories and see that you are not alone in this matter. In case you are a man who has or wants to have a submissive wife, you will have a better understanding of your future experience. 

Final Word

Submission may be a great foundation for looking at love affairs from a completely new angle. However, it is essential to understand the difference between discovering new intimate adventures and ruining your identity. Both partners should understand the particularities of submissiveness and domination in order to make their relationship flourish and avoid future disappointments. Whether you want to explore a submissive wife BDSM practices or want to make obedient behavior a part of your life, you will need to understand that the concept of being submissive should always go hand in hand with mutual understanding, respect, and care. 

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